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The Law of One: An Encounter

The following is my own pass at the Law of One.  I ask the reader for forgiveness for my own limitations in understanding it and in relating it to you.  However, it is with great joy that I endeavor to do so since few things have brought me so deeply into joy and helped me … Continue reading The Law of One: An Encounter


Who Was Jesus?

One of my passions is, for some reason, to grapple with mystical Christianity from a Law of One perspective.  I've come to feel that Intelligent Infinity is the "Father."  The "Father" begat Intelligent Energy (Logos, Love, 2nd Primary Distortion), which is the "Son" through a kind of focusing.  The Holy Spirit is Intelligent Energy in the … Continue reading Who Was Jesus?

What is the Adept? The Higher Self.

The Adept is the Higher Self, a being of mid-sixth density. Summary: For me, this notion is that the Adept, fully realized, is the Higher Self invoked to the third density for specific work.  Everyone is an adept at their Higher Self level, for the HS IS an adept.  Yet for those called to adepthood here, … Continue reading What is the Adept? The Higher Self.