After an initial awakening experience in April, 2013, I have endeavored to live in the constructive tension between the exoteric and the esoteric understandings of Christ and the larger Cosmos.  I do not have answers.  I only have evolving reflections.  I try to approach everything with both an open mind and skepticism.  I desire to serve others and live with integrity.  Walk with me?

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  1. I appreciate your blog entries that integrate the RA Law of One material with your Christian mysticism. While I am not a Christian (been there, done that, was continually slapped in the face as a GAY man), my background includes this “myth system”, as I call it. Therefore, I can relate to your words, although I do not share your faith. Actually, there are 2 areas where we disagree:
    1. Catholicism. While you are straight and are glorified via marriage in the Church, I have been a pariah, a sinner, someone who was “intrinsically evil” according to the Medieval dogma of the Church. My dignity as a human being could not tolerate such treatment, so I divorced Christianity decades ago (I am 64, perhaps your oldest reader?).
    2. While very familiar with the Corey Goode/David Wilcock traveling show and GAIA TV show, I do not simply give my faith to their wild stories. I enjoy them for the entertainment value, but how could a rational person simply believe in what these men say? But I am not here to try to convince you to practice more spiritual discernment, but to simply state that we disagree on this point.

    Nonetheless, I have downloaded a large quantity of your blog for my private reading. My worn eyes have trouble with grey print on a black background, so I painstakingly copy/paste each article to a MSWord file, then do my software magic to convert the background to white and the typeface to black.

    Thank you for your blog. While I do not share your world view, which seems to be at times trying to find a way to justify an ancient Christian belief in terms of modern metaphysics, I do value your perspective.

    Will Christie


    1. Thank you, Will, for your taking the time read and write the comment. Unfortunately the church has really hurt a lot of people and been abusive and oppressive towards gays and others. The last chapter of understanding human sexuality has yet to be written and I hope that in years to come, the church will see how homosexuality is another way in which the Infinite Creator chooses to experience Itself. I also think that RA does not understand human sexuality in its complexity. Be blessed. Doug


  2. Great Blog Doug! I discovered the Law of One through David Wilcock about a year ago and it really resonated with me. I have always been very spiritual and have been trying to reconcile it with my Catholic Christian background. I searched around quite awhile and finally just found your blog. I hadn’t heard of Fr. Rohr until I read your posts. Now things are making a lot more sense. True can be found everywhere if you know where to look, and it seems that science and spirituality are one and the same. I have been slowly getting my older son to realize the truth about God and the universe, so his faith won’t be abandoned once full disclosure hits.


    1. Hi Tom!
      I’m honored that you read some of my blog and so pleased that it resonated with you. I’m a cradle Catholic of a Franciscan flavored spirituality. I lived in Nicaragua with the Capuchins for a couple of years. We attend Mass every week and I enjoy my faith’s lens of reality esp with non-dual “glasses” on. Like you, I’ve always been very spiritual and mystical. When I was ready, I was led to the Law of One, too.
      Since then (4 years ago), I’ve been slowly processing how congruent the metaphysics of the Law of One and that of mystical Christianity are at their root. I created the blog to help me reflect in my own way these congruencies. Richard Rohr, my main exoteric spiritual mentor and a friend of mine, presents the same ideas, as far as I am concerned, as the Law of One with a few exceptions. He is not interested in the esoteric and he admitted to me, when I spoke to him about my blog, that he doesn’t have the mind to understand such things. Yet, the Spirit of the Infinite Creator has been very busy all of this time by inviting such people like him and his friend, Cynthia Bourgeault, another mentor of mine, to incarnate at these times to help prepare people for the next collective stage. They can do this INSIDE the tradition and they can use traditional concepts and terms to flush out the fullness of the truths; which Ra in the Law of One also reveals to us.

      The beauty of Richard’s work is that it enkindles the heart and helps people open up that green ray center (so needed for harvesting to the 4th) without the need to peak behind the veil, as it were, through the often confusing phrasing and for many who haven’t been exposed or open to cosmic realities, the controversial statements, by Ra and Q’uo.

      My own strange vocation as being playing out. I am small and stand upon mighty shoulders like Rohr’s and take his ideas, which I have thoroughly made my own, and connect the dots with the Ra material, which I believe to be the least distorted channeling material by a long shot.

      A couple of weeks ago, I got a nudge to begin writing directly about Christianity after disclosure. After some sort of disclosure event, people will be disillusioned and looking to their spirituality for meaning, purpose, and clarity. I sent my unedited version of Christianity after disclosure, part I, to a friend of mine who said that the same day she got a nudge to begin focusing her energies on a project of thinking about mental health needs after disclosure. She happens to be the executive assistant for Corey Goode. She and I are working together on this new project and if you are on FB, you can visit our new FB page, Uniting Holistic Services for a Post-Disclosure Society. We are also going to create a webpage and begin crafting articles about disclosure, mental and spiritual health. Corey is very excited about the project and put out a call on his Sphere Being Alliance FB page for mental health professionals to contact out us if they are willing to be a part of the project. We are in the planning phase… early on in the project.

      I am also a clinical social worker and work as a counselor and adjunct professor at a Catholic university in Dallas. I am learning how to couch the law of one in very traditional terms and concepts and people, even conservative Catholics, are responding. Of course, I steer clear of reincarnation, Wanderers, etc, as those things are too controversial right now. Yet, one doesn’t not need to know those things while still being able to intuit, honor, and embrace their own union with the Infinite Creator. In the Christian path, we call that the Unitive Way.

      I am glad that you are speaking to your son about such things. I do too, with my children although they are very young. But there is no difference, as far as I can see, in using the metaphor of St. Paul’s Body of Christ (which is about as traditional as it gets) to describe the same thing as what Ra calls the social memory complex or even the more basic notion of the “many” being parts of the One. We are Christ having a human experience. Traditional stuff… mystical stuff…. cosmic stuff.

      Thanks again for your seeking and finding my blog. It speaks well of your spiritual vocation and journey.


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