After an initial awakening experience in April, 2013, I have endeavored to live in the constructive tension between the exoteric and the esoteric understandings of Christ and the larger Cosmos.  I do not have answers.  I only have evolving reflections.  I try to approach everything with both an open mind and skepticism.  I desire to serve others and live with integrity.  Walk with me?

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I appreciate your blog entries that integrate the RA Law of One material with your Christian mysticism. While I am not a Christian (been there, done that, was continually slapped in the face as a GAY man), my background includes this “myth system”, as I call it. Therefore, I can relate to your words, although I do not share your faith. Actually, there are 2 areas where we disagree:
    1. Catholicism. While you are straight and are glorified via marriage in the Church, I have been a pariah, a sinner, someone who was “intrinsically evil” according to the Medieval dogma of the Church. My dignity as a human being could not tolerate such treatment, so I divorced Christianity decades ago (I am 64, perhaps your oldest reader?).
    2. While very familiar with the Corey Goode/David Wilcock traveling show and GAIA TV show, I do not simply give my faith to their wild stories. I enjoy them for the entertainment value, but how could a rational person simply believe in what these men say? But I am not here to try to convince you to practice more spiritual discernment, but to simply state that we disagree on this point.

    Nonetheless, I have downloaded a large quantity of your blog for my private reading. My worn eyes have trouble with grey print on a black background, so I painstakingly copy/paste each article to a MSWord file, then do my software magic to convert the background to white and the typeface to black.

    Thank you for your blog. While I do not share your world view, which seems to be at times trying to find a way to justify an ancient Christian belief in terms of modern metaphysics, I do value your perspective.

    Will Christie


    1. Thank you, Will, for your taking the time read and write the comment. Unfortunately the church has really hurt a lot of people and been abusive and oppressive towards gays and others. The last chapter of understanding human sexuality has yet to be written and I hope that in years to come, the church will see how homosexuality is another way in which the Infinite Creator chooses to experience Itself. I also think that RA does not understand human sexuality in its complexity. Be blessed. Doug


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