Who Was Jesus?

One of my passions is, for some reason, to grapple with mystical Christianity from a Law of One perspective.  I’ve come to feel that Intelligent Infinity is the “Father.”  The “Father” begat Intelligent Energy (Logos, Love, 2nd Primary Distortion), which is the “Son” through a kind of focusing.  The Holy Spirit is Intelligent Energy is the Form and Essence of Creation.  Christ Consciousness is the Holy Spirit and proceeds from the “Son,” or Logos.  The Logos’ plan all along was to reveal a heart driven path up and out of 3rd density at the beginning of the last minor cycle through a living, en-vivo, image or icon so that we (humanity) could see this image, fall in love with this person, and follow this person.  That entity was Jesus who had been karmically involved with humanity ( a la Edgar Casey) and having graduated form 4th density (now vibrating at the highest levels of Love) could welcome and embody the Logos/Christ Consciousness/Love as an interpenetration or overshadowing of essences.  In this way, I can hold in my mind that Jesus was a Wanderer who preincarnationally affirmed a “yes” to the invitation to be a “stand-in” or icon or living face of the Logos, Itself.  Unlike mainstream Christianity, I don’t hold that Jesus WAS the Logos (because WE ALL are, too), yet his was a unique and special incarnation that ushered a new kind of gnosis of the Law of One that is grounded in embodiment here in this illusion and embraces the Infinite Creator here in the very soil.  After Jesus’s physical death, the Logos (2nd Distortion, Love) could interact with humanity in and through the image of Jesus (not the entity).  St. Paul, I believe, was in contact with the Logos who took on the face of Jesus after the death of the entity.

I posted the above reflection on a private FB group and the Moderator sent back a very wonderful reply. He included a lengthy quite from Q’uo, a team made up of 4th, 5th, and 6th density groups channeled to Carla, the channeler of the Law of One Material.

From the moderator of the Law of One Study Group: “Q’uo said that Jesus was for periods of time serving as a channel for the Logos. But of course, we are all sub-Logoi, but it’s one thing to know that, and another thing to be able to access and truly embody it and be a Christ. Jesus was not only a wanderer, but an adept and crystallized healer. As Ra says, ‘A crystallized healer has no will.'”
From Q’uo:
http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.llresearch.org%2Ftranscripts%2Fissues%2F1986%2F1986_1214.aspx&h=ATNmyVvVNJ0ixcZheQfz0fBD8GFg2O9y425nKiVYWKbxS6isMVPhdVY7lzbP5HvHGjF15MtJ0ixJ2C3Vb87fUZ2JcEVJOJeKpvUeHttaGL-mN2yPbMgfoY1cJ5aCzCwDO3JbT_s“For above and apart from any writing about the Christ, there is the Christ, and that which this teacher, channel and representative of the Creator called the Holy Spirit, call it what you will. There are many, many avenues in which the Christ speaks to each whenever the inner ear is opened and the ear harks, not listening passively, but leaning forward and truly harking.

The concept of the Christ was this—that intelligent infinity as experienced by the Logos and with the bias of the Logos would enter a third-density experience, not erasing the one known as Jesus’ personality or being, but coming into the closest possible harmony with that being. There needed to be one who wished to sacrifice an incarnation to the ever-increasing pleasure and agony of the Creator, experiencing what this instrument would call the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, for it is the nature of the Christ and the nature of third density that the two, perceiving each other, should react—the third density with a lack of understanding, and the Christ with wonder, joy and sacrifice. Such is the sorrow of your illusion and the joy of sensation and communion.

In the end, Jesus the man became so able to bear both joy and agony that this entity stopped experiencing the Creator and for long periods of time became the Creator experiencing third density. Such is the perfect channeling of love. The achievement of the perfect channeling was the mystery of union between Creator and illusion.

After this bonding, the burden of channeling rather rapidly began to tire the master teacher, Jesus. At the time of the crucifixion, as this instrument calls it, there were almost no tears left, there were no bones unbroken, there was no companionship that had not been betrayed in one form or another. Nevertheless, Jesus the Christ lived well and did not stop the channeling until the breath left the physical vehicle. We witness to this Christ with thanksgiving and joy, not suggesting that any worship or not worship, but celebrating the Creator poured into a channel who could share in full the nature of the Logos, the nature of love, the Creator’s powerful, terrible love.”


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