An Added Direction

Over the weekend, I was graced to meet up with new friends in ABQ, NM.  Along with attending a very powerful conference called Conspire 2016: Everything Belongs, featuring Richard Rohr, OFM, James Alison, Christina Cleveland, and Mirabai Starr, I was able to meet fellow students of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth.

I’ve not written much on my engagement with the methods laid out by Daskalos in his books,, and his noetical encounters with me, but I may begin to process them here.

I don’t presume any authority over anyone and this blog is more of a place where I can try to make sense, in an external manner, what is going on inside. I make it public for various reasons.  If one person finds what I write helpful and normalizing, then it is enough.  I also emphatically admit that there is an egoic shadow to anyone who wants to publish something, esp on spirituality, so I am no different.

I hope to include more narratives of a personal nature that include some dreams, my own reflections on the dreams, as well as encounters on so-called higher realms.  I have only published very few things of this sort here in my blog because quite frankly I didn’t think it would be very interesting to others since the experience is by nature highly subjective.

For those who may read these words in the future, I thank you for your willingness to receive my virtual presence and please know that our souls, even in minute ways, form a holy tethering on the higher levels.  One can begin to feel these for oneself when attunement takes place.

May we be blessed while we bless others.  May light shine around us as we shine forth light on others.  May we surrender with ecstasy and humility to the Divine Mystery of Oneness that transcends us and yet includes us as Its very own Body.



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