Surprised by Wholeness: Cosmic Balance of Wisdom and Love

This will be a controversial reflection and I am surprised myself at the implications.  I sent my first draft of this essay to my friend, A.C., who helped me give more clarity where needed.  A.C. is a spiritual director, counselor, MD, and author.  There are a couple of places in the essay where I left A.C.’s remarks visible for the readers.

I hold all that will be presented below lightly, that is, I am not touting my reflections as apologetics or believe that I am right.  I know that I am wrong to begin with.  However, this reflection may be helpful in the process of discernment for others, as it has been for myself.  For these reasons, and to the glory of the One Infinite Creator, I offer these thoughts.  Take what you will.  Drop what you don’t like.

Prior to being introduced to what I am calling the “Hidden Hand Material,” I experienced a few months of delving into the Oneness of all things.  As noted in my previous essays, I was led to explore Oneness in various facets.  This was not just an intellectual jot for me, but an experiential one wherein I dissolved and was aware of being One Being.  This kind of gnosis became normative for me, yet there were peaks when I saw more clearly how the Infinite Creator was One Being played out in a million different forms of light, of which I was a part.  For example, I would be running and would look around and experience myself as God looking at God and exulting in the joy of Being.

Traditionally, this is called Unitive Consciousness, and I am by no means unique or special, for this is the “birthright” of all humans, indeed of all creation.  There is only One Being and we are parts of this Oneness.  The only difference is between those who experientially know (gnosis) and those who do not.  For me, however, I was also being prepared for a surprising new endeavor that would come shortly.  It seems that I had to journey into Oneness in order to see more clearly some of the things that make up this Oneness from a cosmic perspective.  The answers that I found surprised me.  Had I discovered what I found earlier in my journey, I would not have been ready and would have dismissed it outright, or experienced fear and anxiety.  Things happen when the time is right.

Intro to HH

The Hidden Hand Material is an dialog between the forum “Above Top Secret (ATS)” and an alleged Illuminati Insider of very high rank, “Hidden Hand (HH)”. I found this material via Michael Sala’s site and can be found here.  The entire document dialog, and it is long but worth the read, can be found here.

I admit from this point onwards that I make a preferential option for the spiritual teachings of Law of One Material and hold it has highly undistorted.  Moreover, I believe that the Law of One Material contains a broader metaphysics than the HH Material and is more accurate.  This is my position and assumption.

Yet, I have been surprised what the HH Material has opened for me in terms of metaphysics that I had not considered before.  I also have many questions that are left unanswered. These are opportunities for me to live in the tensions they cause to see what truths are later revealed. In all cases, an open mind is necessary.  In all cases, discernment is of the highest importance.

Who is HH?

HH (Hidden Hand) says that he/she (from this point onwards will be referred to as, “he,” for sake of flow) is a “Regional” level Family member who serves as a “priest” or “minister” for the “Family” in a spiritual capacity.  He describes the structure of the Family in this way:


HH: Starting at the bottom level, you have what we call “Local Cell Groups” or “Family Clusters”. There will be anything from say five to thirty or so of these, depending upon the size of the town or city in question. Each Local area has its own Council, comprised of Local Leaders representing the Six Disciplines of learning. There is also either a High Priest or High Priestess of The Order, who Serves their local community. Above this, you have the Regional Council, with the Leader of each Local Council representing their specific areas. Then the National Council, in the same vein, with the Leaders of the Regional Councils sitting to represent their Regions. Then you have the Supreme World Council above them all, with the National Leaders representing their Countries. Above this, is another group I cannot mention, who liaise with the “Hidden Hands”. Then above this, there are many other levels of Leadership, purely from the Power Lines (the ones that are not of this planet). The Supreme World Council, only know as much as is “Handed” down to them from us.

In our Power Lines, we have a similar structure, with Local and Regional groups etc, though most of us are living in entirely ‘different’ types of communities than you would understand. All I shall say is that we are not “surface dwellers”.


What HH makes clear here is that there are two organs of governance that make up one body of the Illuminati or Cabal: the Earthly organ that people know about and the hidden organ that is occulted but who ultimately hold all of the power and originate the negative agenda.  HH is a regional spiritual minister in the occulted organ and, as he says, is not a surface dweller.

Where does he live?  HH gave a clue in his dialog when asked if the Earth is hollow. His response was, “Hold on, let me just check. Yes, definitely.”  To me, this indicates that he and the hidden levels of the Family live in the inner Earth.

HH also claims that the hidden levels (where the true power lies) possess some abilities such as remembering all of their past lives.  This is so because they do not want to go through the forgetting process of normal 3rd density experience since this would interfere with their mission.  What is their mission?

Earth’s Metaphysical Structure of Catalysis

According to the HH Material, and here is where we get into some provocative areas, they belong to the Group Soul, Lucifer, the Light Bearer, or Morning Star.    HH’s narrative follows that Lucifer is a mid to late 6th density Social Memory Complex who is moving towards 7th density harvest.  They belong to the Confederation of Planets, the same one that Ra serves, and are beyond polarity in terms of positive or negative.  HH claims that they hail from Venus and they (the occulted, top, power lines) do not consider themselves human but Venusians who are fulfilling a mission that they were asked to do by the Council of Saturn.  The mission that they were asked to do on Earth, and one they consider their Sacrifice, is to create negative catalyst for the humans (sub-sub logoi) so that the sleeping masses eventually awaken to their inherent divinity and choose a positive polarity to move into the 4th density.  As a result for the negative actions that they, and their lower Family lines, have performed over many millennia, they will move forward to a negative 4th density planet to rebalance their karma. This karmic restitution will allow their Group Soul to once again integrate in the late 6th density and prepare for harvest into the seventh.

In several places, HH comments that the motivation for the horrible things that they do to the planet, and all of the crimes that they commit against humanity, are done out of Love and of Service, and are the requirements of their deal requested from them by the headquarters of our solar system, the Council of Saturn.  From this Luciferian perspective, and dare I say echoing much of the Law of One Material, life in the 3rd density is a cosmic Game.  There are no winners or losers since all things are aspects, or sparks, of the Infinite Creator.  In fact, the purpose of the Game is to give the Infinite Creator intense experience of Itself and the more complex the Game, the more intense the experience.  We are the Infinite Creator having a “human experience” and our job in the 3rd density is to make a choice of polarity. Do we choose to move forward in Love and Service to All (the positive path, Service To Others) or do we choose Love of Self and thusly desire to control and manipulate others (the negative path, Service To Self).  Both paths are equal in their status and dignity and both are catalysts for each other.  And, as we will see later, both entwine each other to make a wholeness. The real winner of the Game is the Infinite Creator, Itself.  As we grow in self-knowledge and polarity, we also become increasingly more lucid in the Game.

Ra, in the Law of One Material, comments that the adept on the positive path (Lucid Gamer) is one who is not emotionally swayed or controlled by inner or outer circumstances. Instead, the positive adept accepts all things in Love and Acceptance and thus enters the life-giving continuum of non-attachment.  From this position above the pendulum of emotions, the adept sees more clearly the Game, Its players, the Rules, and what may be done to efficiently “play” the Game well.  Notice that non-attachment is not “detachment.”  This is more akin to stuffing the emotions which, as Ra points out, returns the rejected lesson offered into a potential catalyst for future experience. In other words, unfelt feelings (which are stuffed) will surface later in this lifetime or the next as a karmic imbalance.  All karma must eventually be balanced, so a Lucid Gamer, or the adept, learns how to effectively deal with emotions in the moment, or soon afterwards.  What is to be avoided is the stuffing of them.  What is to be embraced is the acceptance of the moment and its circumstances with gratitude and love.  Non-attachment then makes the next move in the Game more obvious.  As Ra states, “The moment contains Love.”

A Dream that Helped Me to Grasp the Idea of the Game

I struggled for a few days when I first read the HH Material.  At first reading (which wasn’t in depth) I was wary of any attempts by HH to deceive and manipulate.  He painted a viewpoint of Lucifer that I had not considered before.  Rather than Lucifer being evil, he was being portrayed as holy and a part of cosmic design that ushered free will and catalyst needed for growth.  On the day that I agreed to open my mind to this possibility, I dreamt the following dream. I have included my dream description and its analysis from my dream journal:


Dream: The Game

I was on a large ranch with wise Native Americans.  They were showing me what they call the “Ultimate Game.”  From the porch I saw a huge animal like a Rhino but with very large antlers running in the fields.  It was playing a game of chase with a white dog.  They were both having fun and taking turns chasing each other.  This was not the game, my guide told me.  This was usual behavior. The game is when….

…and just then the Rhino decided to bolt out towards a very large hay bale.  An older wise man, who was an expert at the Game, bolted from the porch where he was intently observing the chasing, and jumped on  his waiting horse.  He charged forth at full gallop chasing after the Rhino bull.

My guide told me as we were watching the Game that the bull out of fun will suddenly decide that it is time for the “scoop and launch.”  With his antlers, the Rhino scoops up a large bale of hay and tries to run keep away from the assailing rider.  As the Rhino leads the rider on a chase, it deftly launches the bale of hay up in the air in hopes of pegging the chasing rider and knocking him off the horse.  If the rider catches the bale of hay or somehow gets through the bale of hay without being knocked off, then the rider wins.  If the bale of hay knocks the rider off, then the Rhino wins.  It’s a fun and dangerous sport, it seemed to me.  I laughed in glee as the wise man expertly caught the bale of hay.  The Rhino stopped and seemed to bow to the rider. Both paused and faced each other in mutual respect. Game over for now.


Me: What does this dream mean? Why did I receive this dream now?

Intuitive Voice: You have been pondering greatly the HH dialogs, trying to sift the truth from deceit.  Trying to absorb the implications of the dialogs; seeing how your budding lived experience of Oneness is becoming more and more fleshed out. The dialogs have stirred up your reality bubble a bit.

This dream is an analogy of the Game that HH speaks aboutThe key here is to not take it too seriously but remain above the pendulum of emotions so as to keep balanced in your seeing.  The more serious you take it, the less fun you will have, and the less you will be able to SEE.

Me: What does the Rhino bull symbolize? I looked up Rhino on the web:

The Rhino bull is…. (from two different online sources on dreams)

Rhinoceros are fierce creatures. When they appear in your dreams, it does not bode well for you. Rhinoceros represent an ominous force threatening you. The obstacles that await you will be very difficult to overcome.

Dream dictionary Rhinoceros – what does Rhinoceros dream mean?

Rhinoceros (rhinoceros) is mostly interpreted as an external power which is not founded upon internal authority, – maybe there stands behind it feeling of inferiority or validity urge. The horn of the animal can point to fear of impotence. The appearance of such an animal is in general a reminder and apprenticeship at the same time to attack in the pursuit of his aims not in a blind rage, but to go forward more prudently.


Though this animal shows purely externally power and authority, however, the internal disposition does not agree with the imposing appearance. This can be also meant with itself, or one feels put under to another which works on like a rhinoceros.



  • you should venture a little play. Profit is sure. (3, – 79)

(European ones).:

  • announces unaware mental powers which one should apply at the right time and properly, then one will also succeed, – success in business interests, however, delays and disappointments for lovers,
  • see: not to storm a reminder, in the sighting in a blind rage, but to use the mind,
  • for men: Wish for power increase.


  • see: you have big luck.

Intuitive Voice: The Rhino was chosen as the animal in the dream by your guides because you needed to see that this animal represents the Negative Polarity, or Negative Path.  The white dog represents purity and truth.  [From an online source: White Dog To see a white colored dog in your dream indicates that the intentions of a friend are pure and true.]

Purity and truth (the positive polarity) and the negative polarity are at play and although different in size, they see each other as equal upon the field (the Infinite Creator’s creation), with their different roles in the Game.

The wise man who dares to play the game is one who has failed (fallen from the horse) many times in order to learn the rules and the wisdom of how to deal with the bale of hay. This means that the wise man has learned over many incarnations how to play the game, or as Ra pointed out, has become “one who has grasped the baton [of life] and begun the race.”

The bale of hay is a symbol of both the coming Harvest and a chthonic theme.  The prize of the game is the Harvest.  Without the rhino bull, there would be no game or harvest.  The native who catches the bale of hay (owns up to, processes, deals with, uses as catalyst) or allows the bale of hay to dissipate over him/through him while the rider does not grasp the straw (more of the adept path, seeing all as illusion, higher metaphysics, kenosis) through the chthonic matter, moves on to 4D positive.  If the Bull misses the rider in its attempt to chunk the huge bale at the pursuer, then its negative polarity is not reached.  If the throw is good (from the Bull) but rider mishandles the chunked bale, the rider’s polarity is not achieved.  If the rider falls or gets knocked off the horse, the polarity is not achieved.


This dream was something I just could not make up and it was very helpful to me in seeing how the Rhino Bull, whom I interpret as Lucifer (Group Soul), is a necessary component in 3rd density spiritual evolution  based on free will.

A brief statement by HH describes Lucifer’s service this way: “The Council  [of Saturn] gave us a set of choices. We chose to stay here to help you, despite the cost to ourself. That is the nature of Loving Service to Others. The ultimate paradox in all this, is that in this storyline we are all co-creating together, in order for us to be of the most Service to you, we must be utterly self serving. I do so love our Creator’s sense of irony.”

In a later place, HH says this:


Our job is to provide the Catalyst. Yours is to use it. Can you look beyond what your eyes are showing you, to find and express Love and Happiness in a world of Fear and Distress? If you can, you will be as a Beacon of Light into the Darkness. Will you succumb to the Darkness, or will you stand and shine your Divine Inner Light? Only you can make that decision for yourself. Think about this: If the One Infinite Creator, is Infinite, and has created everything that Is (which It is, and It has), then does the Infinite Creator not reside within all things? When you can see the Divine spark of the Infinite Creator, even within those who would mean you harm, the strong grip of the illusion will begin to lose it’s power over you. “Love your ‘enemies’, and pray for those who persecute you”.


I then looked up the word, “Lucifer,” in the Ra Material and found this:


77.17 Questioner: Now, would it be possible for this work of our density to be performed if all of the sub-Logoi chose the same polarity in any particular expression or evolution of a Logos? Let us make the assumption that our sun created nothing but, through the first distortion, there was no product except positive polarity. Would work then be done in fourth density and higher as a function only of this positive polarization evolving from our original creation of sub-Logos?

Ra: I am Ra. … there were Logoi which chose to set the plan for the activation of mind/body/spirit complexes through each true-color body without recourse to the prior application of free will. It is, to our knowledge, only in an absence of free will that the conditions of which you speak obtain. In such a procession of densities you find an extraordinarily long, as you measure time, third density; likewise, fourth density. Then, as the entities begin to see the Creator, there is a very rapid, as you measure time, procession towards the eighth density. This is due to the fact that one who knows not, cares not.

Let us illustrate by observing the relative harmony and unchanging quality of existence in one of your, as you call it, primitive tribes. The entities have the concepts of lawful and taboo, but the law is inexorable and all events occur as predestined. There is no concept of right and wrong, good or bad. It is a culture in monochrome. In this context you may see the one you call Lucifer as the true light-bringer in that the knowledge of good and evil both precipitated the mind/body/spirits of this Logos from the Edenic conditions of constant contentment but also provided the impetus to move, to work and to learn.

Those Logoi whose creations have been set up without free will have not, in the feeling of those Logoi, given the Creator the quality and variety of experience of Itself as have those Logoi which have incorporated free will as paramount. Thusly you find those Logoi moving through the timeless states at what you would see as a later space/time to choose the free will character when elucidating the foundations of each Logos.


Was there “constant contentment” in Edenic conditions? To some degree, maybe.  The HH Material includes this:


Yahweh had agreed to our coming, in fact it was he who had initially asked the Council for a “Catalyst” of change to enter into his Creation, and share the knowledge and wisdom we had attained through our Ascensions. In the absence of Free Will upon the planet, there can be no Polarity, and therefore, nothing to ‘choose’ between. Just as is portrayed in the book of Genesis, the planet was very “Edenic” in nature. Sure, it was a lovely ‘paradise’, yet the Beings incarnating there had no agitator toward evolving beyond the 3rd Density, and therefore, little hope of ever making the journey Home, to The One.

Without Polarity, (derived from Free Will), there is only the Unity of Love and Light, and no choice to experience ‘other than’ that. So, we were to be the Catalyst for change, in order to provide that choice, thus bringing Polarity. Yahweh agreed that we would introduce the concept of Free Will to Earth’s inhabitants, by offering them an initial choice, as to whether they ‘wanted’ it or not. Hence, “The Tree of the Knowledge of ‘Good and Evil'” (or more accurately, the Knowledge of Polarity, of Positive or Negative). Yahweh takes his inhabitants to a new ‘garden’ and tells them you can do anything you like, except this one thing, thus creating the desire to do the one thing there are told they cannot. Hence, a “Choice”. We provide the Catalyst by telling them the benefits of attaining Knowledge, they eat from the tree, and the rest is history.


The Law of One Material mentioned that the Social Memory Complex, Yahweh, transferred the souls from Mars to Earth after they blew off their atmosphere and made their “native earth” uninhabitable.  Before incarnating these mid to late 3rd density souls on Earth, Yahweh “melded” them into their own Group Soul and becoming one with them, thus became karmically tied to these souls.  Yahweh made some genetic modifications and then put the souls through the incarnating process to begin their work on a fresh 3rd density experience.  The Earth had just entered into 3rd density vibrations capable of nurturing this density of experience 75,000 years ago and this was precisely when Yahweh incarnated these Martian souls here.  What happened then?  For a long time, nothing!

Ra explains that there were no harvestable people on Earth at the end of the first major cycle (25,000 years). By the end of the second major cycle, there were only about 150!  This means that after 50,000 years of incarnating and reincarnating, people had not even begun to grasp the rules of the Game.  There must not have been much catalyst going on.  It is conceivable to me that Lucifer’s role was to create greater opportunity for polarization and “get the ball rolling,” as it were.

At this point in my own evolution, I am less interested in the exact dates and learning precisely how this actually happened than exploring the metaphysical need for what is known in the Law of Three as the “Holy Denying Force.”  The Law of Three states that all metanoia or evolution of mind, body, or spirit, follows a triadic pattern: Holy Affirming Force, Holy Denying Force, and Holy Reconciling Force.  The tension and conflict that the former two create in their interactions, if the lesson is grasped, opens a new set of parameters or possibilities through the Holy Reconciling Force. (A.C.: This is Jesus as he manifests in inner healing prayer. Also as depicted in The Greater Trumps by Chs. Williams) All three Forces are holy and of equal dignity.  A lucid gamer learns how to spot the Affirming Forces and the Denying Forces more clearly so the Reconciling can take place and transcendence follows.   It was illuminating for me to realize the role that Lucifer was called to play the Bad Guy (the Cosmic Denying Force) by the Game Maker (Council of Saturn/Infinite Creator).

The HH Material’s Metaphysics

There are some brilliant pieces of illumination in the HH Material, especially regarding the Infinite Creator, the oneness of Creation, the Game, and the positive path.  Here are some examples.  I also found much in congruence in these areas with the Law of One Material.


  1. In the Beginning, there is The Infinite One. This is the Source of All. Intelligent Infinity. It is the undifferentiated absolute. Within It, is unlimited potential, waiting to ‘become’. Think of it as the “uncarved block” of your Taoist traditions. Infinite Intelligence, becoming ‘aware’ of Itself, seeks to experience Itself, and The One Infinite Creator is ‘born’, or ‘manifest’ (This appears to your 3rd Density comprehension as “Space”). In effect, the ‘Creator’, is a point of focused Infinite Consciousness or awareness, into Infinite Intelligent Energy. The One Infinite Creator also becoming self aware, seeks too to experience Itself as Creator, and in so doing, begins the next step down in the Creational spiral. The One Infinite Creator, in focusing It’s Infinite Intelligence, becomes Intelligent Energy (which you could call the Great Central Sun), and divides Itself into smaller portions of Itself, that can then in turn experience themselves as Creators (or Central Suns). In other words, each Central Sun (or Creator) is a ‘step down’ in Conscious awareness (or distortion) from the Original ‘thought’ of Creation. So “In the beginning” was not “The Word”, but Thought. The Word, is thought expressed and made manifest as Creator. There is Unity. Unity is All there is. Infinite Intelligence, and Infinite Energy. The two are One, and within them, is the potential for all Creation. This state of Consciousness could be termed as ‘Being’. Infinite Intelligence does not recognize it’s ‘potential’. It is the undifferentiated absolute. But Infinite Energy recognizes the potential of ‘becoming’ all things, in order to bring any desired experience into ‘being’. Intelligent Infinity can be likened to the central ‘Heartbeat’ of Life, and Infinite Energy as the Spiritual ‘Life-blood’ (or potential) which ‘pumps out’ for the Creator to form the Creation.

  2. A ‘planetary entity’ (or ‘Soul’) begins the first Density of experience, into which another individualized portion of The One can incarnate. Just as with all Logos and Sub Logos of Creation, each Soul is yet another smaller unique portion of The Infinite One. At first, the Intelligent Energy of the planet is in a state that you could call ‘chaos’, meaning that It’s Energy is undefined. Then the process begins again. The planetary Energy begins to become aware of Itself (the 1st Density of awareness is ‘Consciousness’), and the Planetary Logos (sub-sub-Logos in effect) begins to create other downward steps within Itself, and the internal make up of the planet begins to form; as the raw elements of air and fire combine to ‘work on’ the Waters and Earth, thus arising conscious awareness of their ‘being’, and the process of ‘evolution’ begins, forming the 2nd Density. 2nd Density beings begin to become aware of themselves, as being ‘separate’, and thus begin to evolve toward the 3rd Density of self-conscious-awareness, (the lowest Density into which a ‘human soul’ can incarnate). Humans in turn (or the Souls incarnated within them), seek to ‘return to the Light’ and Love, from which they came, as they begin the journey of progression, from 3rd Density up to the 8th Density, and the return to The Infinite One-ness.

  3. From a 3rd Density view, you see yourselves as being “separate” from everything. From a higher perspective, you see that is not at all the case. You and your Creator, are One. As to your statement on your ‘total freedom’, you are not responsible for those around you. You and they are all One too, when seen from a higher Density, but in this Density, you are here to work upon yourself. You are here to remember who you are, and why you are here. You are here to remember the Infinite Creator. To know your Creator within you, and to offer your Service to him, and others, of your own Free Will choice to Serve. The one comes before the other. When you remember who you are, and you know it, deep within the Core of your Being, you will know and recognize your ‘invisible’ connection to All that Is, and in so doing, Joy, and Thanksgiving, and Service, will be the natural outpouring result, from your grateful heart. (A.C.: Quite a statement from an avowed Luciferian.) When you work upon yourself, and learn to know the Creator within you, being of Service to Others will be natural for you, and your Glorious Harvest shall await.

  4. Question: How do you choose a Service to others path? HH: Be good to yourself. Cultivate a genuine Love for Life, and for Being. Be genuinely thankful to the Infinite Creator every day, for bringing you into Being, and for his bountiful provision. You have “survived” this far, have you not? You may not have everything you want, but you have everything you need, in order to complete that which you incarnated here to do. Give thanks for that. Show acknowledgment and gratitude to the Infinite Creator, for all that It has done, and is doing for you. It has given you the gift of Life Experience, and offered you the Free Will to decide what you will Create with it. Guard your thoughts carefully, as they are more powerful than you may imagine. When you are coming from a place of Love for, and Service to your Creator, a life of Service to others will become a natural outflowing from that. Always look for ways that you can be of assistance to your fellow Beings. Being of encouragement to others. Build people up, and do not put people down. Be a beacon of light, in a dark world. Does that old lady need a hand with her shopping bags? How do you treat the homeless man who asks you for some spare change for the shelter? Ever heard about “Angels in disguise”? Look and see the Divine Spark in the Heart of all Beings. Treat them as you would like to be treated yourself, and as you would your Creator if he was speaking directly with you. “For even as you are doing it to the least of these, you are doing it unto me”. The Law of Radiation and Attraction. Your thoughts, words, and actions return to you. Ultimately, cultivate a spirit of humble Gratitude. You won’t go far wrong with that. Desire to Serve flows naturally from a grateful heart.

  5. Our Infinite Creator longs to be close to us. In truth, he is closer than most would believe, they just don’t notice him. As they pass him by on the street every day, when he gives them their change at the shop, when you tuck her into bed and give her a kiss goodnight, when you squash him as he’s running up your bathroom wall toward his web. When there’s no-one else in the room but ‘you’. The main reason people don’t have their “prayers” answered, is because they do not really believe that they will. Don’t have “faith” in our Infinite Creator, have Trust in him. The most Powerful form of “prayer”, is Thanksgiving. “For even before you ask, I have already given it unto you”. Thanksgiving, is knowing that our Infinite Creator has provided for you as he promised, and being thankful for that, even before you see the results. The more we trust in our Creator, the more results we get.

  6. Religion is either actually created, or at very least, heavily influenced by us. There is no such things as “god”. “God” is a human concept, which is a misunderstanding of the original concept of “Creator”. This is further confused, as there are many macrocosmic level Creators, or Logos, as has been explained previously. “God” implies some separate entity which is ‘outside’ of you, which you must supplicate to and worship. Our One Infinite Creator, and almost all of our Logos and sub-Logos’, do not want your worship. They want you to understand Creation, and your place within it, as a Co-Creator. Ultimately, there is a “Supreme Being”, in the form of the One Infinite Creator, but we are all a part of It, rather than it’s subjects. None of the names given for this “Supreme Being” by your religions are the true name, but they are indeed correct, in that there is One Supreme Being, namely the Infinite Creator. They just have different concepts about It, which spring from the texts their religion is based upon. Do not ‘worship’ your Infinite Creator, but rather live in a state of Thanksgiving and Service to It, for bringing you into Being, and for this amazing Game It has Created, in which we may forget who we really are, in order to remember, and know ourself once again, as the Creator.

  7. Your purpose in the Game, is to work upon yourself. To grow, develop, and transform yourself into a more positive and loving being. You had certain goals that you planned to achieve before incarnating here, which is a main reason for the veil of forgetfulness being in place, because if you already knew what your goals were, the Game would be too easy. Look at the things in your life that you most love to do. Ask yourself what makes you most happy. Experience these things as often as possible, as they will be related to some of the things you chose to put into your Soul contract to do here. Also, look at the negative things, that often seem to recur during your lifetime. It will be highly likely that these are also things that you chose to come here to work upon. Let us say for example, that you chose to come here to work upon patience during this incarnation. You will likely find that you have a tendency towards impatience, and that life will often bring many experiences to you, in order to ‘test’ your patience. The idea being, that rather than losing your temper, you work upon your impatience, and resolve to become a more temperate and patient Soul. This same analogy may be applied to all manner of circumstances in which life will test you. Look for and begin to identify any recurring issues you have, that you perhaps struggle to deal with, and seem to present themselves to you, time and time again. Perhaps anger, being abusive, selfishness, hatred, cynicism, and the list goes on. Whenever you find recurring circumstances, it is because you are being presented with opportunity after opportunity, to work upon these issues, until you get it right, and choose a way of behavior that is more Positive. Once you’ve successfully identified these issues within your life, worked upon them, and used them as the tools of transformation that they are, to improve the quality of your character, you will notice that these things seem to almost cease to appear in your life. You will still be presented with them at varying intervals, to check that you have not forgotten that which you have learned, but they will be fewer and far between.


Concluding Remarks

As the reader can see, HH elucidates high metaphysics that are congruent with the Law of One Material in many respects. He seems able to perceive the positive path with clarity and truth.  I do not desire to be an apologist for HH.  I included the above remarks that touched me so that readers can make up their own mind.  HH has a broad view of the overall picture given that he knows well the positive polarity and still chooses the negative path.  His choice, as he states, is part of the Luciferian destiny of the occulted power lines.   Perhaps it is better to state that HH does not feel that he has a choice in the matter at all.  As we will see in later sections below, the negative path is a very highly structured, compartmentalized, and tightly compacted mosaic that make up a Body.  The price of the negative path is intense separation where deception, betrayal, power alignment, and focused ambition create a streamlined counterpart to the positive path.  At the very top of the Luciferian power structure, way above HH (who is way, way above the Earthly power lines), there must be a body of people who hold the complete macro picture and thus, form and shepherd the rest of the Body with extreme wisdom…and control.

Discrepancies and Open Questions

To my mind, there are several discrepancies and open ended questions generated by the HH Material that stand out to me. Other readers more skilled in discernment may find other areas or may be able to answer some of the open questions that I present.

Lucifer Comes From Venus, Too

From the Law of One Material, which I remind the reader of my disposition in holding the Ra Contact as undistorted and fuller than the HH Material, we see that Ra’s people were the planet’s inaugural group to evolve through the densities on its surface.  The evolution was very harmonious, says Ra, and all entities achieved harvestability by the end of the Master Cycle.  They moved quickly through 4th density but spend lots of time in fifth density learning the light of wisdom.  The planet evolved with them and now is able to host 4th, 5th, and 6th density life.  Because Ra was a positive social memory complex, the planet is also.  The Ra Group is now mid to late 6th density and is no longer a part of Venus as they left their native “earth (“planet” would be clearer.)” and serve in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.

According to HH, Lucifer originated on Venus and the occulted power lines are Venusian (not human).  HH also says that Lucifer is at the same level of spiritual evolution as Ra and stated in one area, “We know Ra (the entity) very well, and are happy that they are even now still working here on this planet “behind the scenes” to prepare for the Great Harvest.

Entities that are at the mid to late 6th density level are beyond positive and negative polarity but ARE working out their wisdom and love balances.  In this way, they operate within a polarity continuum but the poles are “wisdom” and “love.”  So, the question becomes, how can Lucifer have evolved on Venus and achieved mid to late 6th density development when Ra presumably did this at the same time?

There are several possibilities as far as I can see. However, these are just my guesses.

  1. Lucifer (group soul) was among the few of the original Venusians, which included Ra’s Group, that had chosen the negative path but had not achieved negative harvestability.  Ra said that these negative souls were given more 3rd density opportunity on other planets to continue the negative path since Venus could only host positive souls at the end of their 3rd density. It is possible that Lucifer developed through the subsequent densities via the negative path elsewhere and then switched polarities in the 6th density.  These social memory complexes coming from the negative polarity retain a wisdom-over-love imbalance and their 6th density work is to balance lagging love with the equal energetics of wisdom.
  2. Lucifer evolved after Ra’s group on Venus, polarity presumably positive since Venus was a positive planet, and moved through the densities quicker than Ra in order to obtain similar levels of spiritual development.  Perhaps they were a wiser group and did not need to spend as much time as Ra in the 5th density (the density of wisdom).  In working with Earth, they were asked by the Council of Saturn to be the negative force (denying force) in order that humanity develop wisdom in discernment and choice-making towards polarity (the work of 3rd density).
  3. HH is either deceiving the reader or has been deceived himself by his “upline.”  They are not from Venus in reality but have created this story as a part of Luciferian elitism in order to see themselves as separate from the throngs of humanity.
  4. A fourth option, and one that I hold lightly, has interesting implications.  It is possible that Ra and Lucifer are from the same Soul Group and decided to individuate wisdom and love energetics somehow in order to learn from each other and thus gain a balance. In other words, maybe the “two” are really “twin-Group Souls” and work as a team from 6th density unity.  Notice that every time Ra (and other 6th density positive Confederation members) give Earth humanity technology, it is very quickly perverted and becomes tools for the elite in the service of self path.  Ra admits several times that they and others were naïve in their attempts to aid humanity in these ways (and yet they persisted in the naïveté up until the mid 20th century!!!). See for yourself: _______________________________
    1. 2.2 …It was our naïve belief that we could teach/learn by direct contact and the free will distortions of individual feeling or personality were in no danger, we thought, of being disturbed as these cultures were already closely aligned with a[n] all-embracing belief in the live-ness or consciousness of all. We came and were welcomed by the peoples whom we wished to serve. We attempted to aid them in technical ways having to do with the healing of mind/body/spirit complex distortions through the use of the crystal, appropriate to the distortion, placed within a certain appropriate series of ratios of time/space material. Thus were the pyramids created. We found that the technology was reserved largely for those with the effectual mind/body distortion of power. This was not intended by the Law of One. We left your peoples.

    2. 22.25 Questioner: Was it necessary for them to have a unified social complex for these visitations to occur? What conditions were nec— I’m saying, what conditions were necessary for these visitations to occur? Ra: I am Ra. The conditions were two: the calling of a group of people whose square overcame the integrated resistance of those unwilling to search or learn; the second requirement, the relative naïveté of those members of the Confederation who felt that direct transfer of information would necessarily be as helpful for Atlanteans as it had been for the Confederation entity.

    3. 22.26 Questioner: I see then. What you’re saying is these naïve Confederation entities had had the same thing happen to them in the past so they were doing the same thing for the Atlantean entities. Is this correct? Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We remind you that we are one of the naïve members of that Confederation and are still attempting to recoup the damage for which we feel responsibility. It is our duty as well as honor to continue with your peoples, therefore, until all traces of the distortions of our teach/learnings have been embraced by their opposite distortions, and balance achieved.

    4. 41.26…We spent much time/space, if you will, in fifth density balancing the intense compassion we had gained in fourth density. The graduation again was harmonious and our social memory complex which had become most firmly cemented in fourth density remained of a very strong and helpful nature.Our sixth-density work was also accelerated because of the harmony of our social memory complex so that we were able to set out as members of the Confederation to even more swiftly approach graduation to seventh density. Our harmony, however, has been a grievous source of naïveté as regards working with your planet. Is there a brief query before we leave this instrument?

    5. 57.17 Questioner: Then are you saying that there is absolutely no need, use, or good in having the King’s Chamber effect at this time in our planetary evolution?Ra: I am Ra. If those who desired to be healers [were] of a crystallized nature and were all supplicants, those wishing less distortion, the pyramid would be, as always, a carefully designed set of parameters to distribute light and its energy so as to aid in healing catalyst. However, we found that your peoples are not distorted towards the desire for purity to a great enough extent to be given this powerful and potentially dangerous gift. We, therefore, would suggest it not be used for healing in the traditional, shall we say, King’s Chamber configuration which we naïvely gave to your peoples only to see its use grossly distorted and our teachings lost.

    6. 71.19 Questioner: You stated in a previous session that Ra searched for some time to find a group such as this one. I would assume that this search was for the purpose of communicating the Law of One. Is this correct?                                          Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. We also, as we have said, wished to attempt to make reparation for distortions of this law set in motion by our naïve actions of your past.

    7. 17.8 Questioner: Then was the Confederation responsible for Earth receiving nuclear power?  Ra: I am Ra. It is a point which one cannot judge. What is cause? The basic equation which preceded this work was an equation brought through by a Wanderer dedicated to service to the planet. That this work should have become foundation for instruments of destruction was not intended and was not given.


Given Ra’s humble admittance of their naïve attempts at service, it seems clear that their work in wisdom in their own 5th density experience did not render them capable of foreseeing how such interventions would play out in such a mixed harvest as we have on Earth.  It very well may be that as part of the overall, macro, plan of the Council of Saturn, these positive 6th density groups are allowed to learn much more nuanced balancing of wisdom and love through their service to “lower” 3rd density populations.  They become karmically tied to the Earth’s harvest and thus have to learn/teach and teach/learn as part of their own harvesting into the 7th density. Earth humanity may be their final lesson in the 6th density polarity balancing of wisdom and love.  Ra’s group seems to have been surprised each time by the negative’s usurping of their attempts to help humanity through technological means as the negative path swooped in and coopted their attempts without exception.  They seem to be learning as Ra admits to not ever needing to be naïve enough (again) to walk among the people or to give technology or any other service outside of channeling.  They searched long and hard to find a sufficient enough harmonious configuration in the L/L Research Group (Carla, Jim, and Don) in order to transmit the pure message of the Law of One in as undistorted form as possible.  They nailed it with this service and I would imagine that their discrepancy between love and wisdom decreased quite a bit.

The Lucifer group favors the polarity of the wisdom-over-love balance.  Their attempts over millennia through their minions of the Orion/Draco Empires, and others, to provide the lessons for the negative polarity helped not only humanity (in the form of catalyst) but the Ra group.  And maybe this is a significant point.  The two may be intrinsically linked to be mutual teachers. Things are not always easy for the negatives, either.

The Lucifer group seems to be thwarted each time by the goodness of what I term, the Hidden Positive.  They consistently find that their attempts at providing negative manipulation via coopting or influencing positive movements find that a deeper, more transcendent Truth is revealed for those with the eyes to see it.  They find that at every turn: death is transformed into life; that after dying, a rising occurs.  In short, Lucifer is learning the truth of the Pascal Mystery; that Love always enlivens and unites that which is seemingly dead and separated. I would imagine that just as Ra is surprised by the wisdom of negative polarity, Lucifer is surprised by the love and resilience of the positive path.   Both groups, whether they are mutual teachers to each other in the mid to late 6th density, or they are actually twin-soul (groups) who chose to individuate so that they could work simultaneously on wisdom/love balance much like a higher self may choose to incarnate in simultaneous incarnations to more rapidly learn lessons of the density of choice (3rd density), seem to have been given their final 6th density lesson by the Council of Saturn as they make their way to the “density of foreverness” (7th density).

Yahweh: Ra’s Report and Lucifer’s Perspective

I admit to being perplexed with the Yahweh group.  Ra states that Yahweh was a Confederation social memory complex who was a guardian of the third density population of Mars and later Earth.  After Mars blew off their planet’s atmosphere in the war against Maldek 500,000 years ago, Yahweh brought the souls into their own social memory complex and melded with them.  Then when the Earth had reached 3rd density vibratory conditions, the souls were genetically modified by Yahweh and then incarnated upon the planet, 75,000 years ago to continue on 3rd density development.  Other guardians within the Confederation believed that the Yahweh group were mistaken in their attempts to genetically modify the Mars’ souls because of the infringement of free will. A quarantine was established and made stronger by the Council of Saturn as a result of the infringement. (Session 9.9Session 21.8)

Ra then states that Yahweh and the rest of the Confederation waited for a calling from the third density humanity so that they could send love/light in various forms to aid them in their development in the Law of One.  And then….nothing happened for 25,000.  And after that…..nothing much happened for the next 25,000 as only 150 souls were harvestable to 4th density after the second major cycle.  The Orion/Draco Empire attempted to make inroads with humanity 49,000 years ago at Easter Island, but these attempts were not successful in disseminating the lessons of the negative path. It was not until 3,600 years ago did Yahweh and Orion/Draco make their moves.  Yahweh felt that they could create a genetically (via sexual reproduction with native Earth women) enhanced people who would be stronger, larger, and more mentally able to grasp the Law of One.  These “chosen” would then, according to Yahweh Group’s plan, go out through the world and teach others what they had learned.  Orion/Draco very quickly saw their chance to pervert Yahweh’s attempt and used the genetic enhancements to create a culture of elitism and superiority.

Six hundred years later, the battle between Yahweh and Orion/Draco intensified around the (positively oriented) man named Moishe, or Moses.  From then on, religious wars have been fought unceasingly in one form or another.  Even the name, “Yahweh,” was coopted and was used by Orion because the lack of discernment on the part of Moses and his followers.  The original Yahweh, the guardian who transferred souls from Mars to Earth, 75,000 years ago, ceased to call themselves Yahweh and began to more subtly influence via channelings of positive material. (Session 24.6, Session 24.9)  This is why the Bible, both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, are EQUALLY positive and negative.  Indeed, Jesus’ image of wheat and weeds growing together (give Bible reference) is apt for such a mixed harvest as ours.  And, as we will see below, maybe this is just the point!

So, what does HH and his Luciferian perspective say about Yahweh? Check it out for yourself:


Yahweh, due to the fact that he had NOT (as was his right as Planetary Logos) handed down his own Free Will to “know thyself” to those incarnating upon ‘his’ planet, was having very little evolutionary progress therein. So we (Lucifer) were sent to help. Once the order was given from the Council of Elders, we “Fell”, or Descended back to a place where we could, with hard work and focus, once again materialize a 3rd Density manifestation of ourself.

Yahweh had agreed to our coming, in fact it was he who had initially asked the Council for a “Catalyst” of change to enter into his Creation, and share the knowledge and wisdom we had attained through our Ascensions. In the absence of Free Will upon the planet, there can be no Polarity, and therefore, nothing to ‘choose’ between. Just as is portrayed in the book of Genesis, the planet was very “Edenic” in nature. Sure, it was a lovely ‘paradise’, yet the Beings incarnating there had no agitator toward evolving beyond the 3rd Density, and therefore, little hope of ever making the journey Home, to The One. Yahweh has been happy to keep his own little pet Eden Project in effect, but with little chance of the Souls here making it Home, it had become in effect, an albeit very beautiful ‘Prison’. Yahweh was, in modern parlance, running a benign dictatorship.

Yahweh agreed that we would introduce the concept of Free Will to Earth’s inhabitants, by offering them an initial choice, as to whether they ‘wanted’ it or not. Hence, “The Tree of the Knowledge of ‘Good and Evil'” (or more accurately, the Knowledge of Polarity, of Positive or Negative). Yahweh takes his inhabitants to a new ‘garden’ and tells them you can do anything you like, except this one thing, thus creating the desire to do the one thing there are told they cannot. Hence, a “Choice”. We provide the Catalyst by telling them the benefits of attaining Knowledge, they eat from the tree, and the rest is history. Yahweh thought that his ‘Children’ would still choose to obey him, and when he discovered they did not, he became angry. As he himself describes in his scriptures, he is a “Jealous God”, and he did not like it that his ‘children’ had chose to disobey him, and follow our advice. We’re already committed to being here for a predefined set of “Cycles” to help provide the Catalyst for Human evolution, namely by offering you the Negative Option, or that which you choose to call “evil”. Now that Free Will had been granted, Yahweh could not retract it, and we have to stay here as contracted to continue to provide the planet with the Polarity choice. Since then, Yahweh has confined us (as a Group Soul) here within the Earth’s Astral Planes (which is very constricting and uncomfortable for a Being of our Wisdom and experience). The Council of Elders gave us the choice to be released (against Yahweh’s will), but at the cancellation of our contract to Serve the planet earth; or to remain and fulfil our assignment, and endure Yahweh’s self proclaimed “Wrath”. We stayed, but as a karmic result of our Group Soul’s confinement by Yahweh, our own individuated Souls were given the mandate (by The Council) to “Rule” over Yahweh’s people during our physical incarnations here on your planet.


The reader can see that there is clear Luciferian perspective that sees Yahweh as a sort of immature god, a benign dictator, and jealous and possessive. Lucifer is seen as the victim who was just trying to help Yahweh with his own poor planetary management.  And it gets worse.


Our initial contract, was to introduce the Catalyst for Free Will on this planet. When Yahweh initially began discourse with the Council of Elders, he was not initially looking for help with introducing Free Will, but rather for guidance on how he could best speed up his (and his inhabitant’s) evolutionary process.

As I mentioned, he was running a benign dictatorship. We had at that time, just completed an assignment in Tau Ceti, and had reported for our next duties. We (as Group Soul Lucifer) were sent on a “fact finding expedition” as it were, to visit Earth, and meet with Yahweh, to evaluate his planetary Creation Laws, and make suggestions on how best he could help his “offspring” (this is the term I shall use to describe the Souls who comprise the Group Soul) and thusly Yahweh, to progress. We explored many options, and reported our findings to the Council, and to Yahweh. It was our best evaluation, that the only real and fast track way to increase his evolvement meaningfully, was the introduction of Free Will. It was not specifically the implementation of Free Will that Yahweh wanted help with, it was simply the introduction of a Catalyst. He was not at all pleased with our report that he needed to implement Free Will. He was happy with his little pet paradise, and he didn’t want to “loose control” of it. In the end the Council persuaded him that it was the best way, and he reluctantly agreed. We returned to Earth, and had a cordial meeting with Yahweh, discussing how we could best implement the Free Will option. Yahweh was adamant that his offspring would choose to be loyal to him anyway, and that they were so contented with their way of life, that they would always trust him and do as he said was best. That, he said, was his “main reason” that Free Will would not work well as the Catalyst. That’s why he agreed to the experiment of the Tree of Knowledge. He believed it would prove him “right”. When it did not, he became angry, threw his toys out of the pram, and his offspring out of the garden, and laid a big guilt trip on them about how they had broken his trust and disobeyed him. That’s not really an Honourable way for a Logos to behave, but hey, that’s the beauty of Free Will I guess. Next “problem” to occur, was that his offspring were so grateful to us for our help, that Yahweh became (in his own admission) a “Jealous God”.

Then we had the whole “you shall have no other gods than me” thing. We were not pleased with the situation at all, as a Logos should not be behaving like this with his offspring, they are One, after all. When we attempted to leave the planet to return to the Council, Yahweh prevented our departure. We tried to leave again, and were then thrown down into the Astral Planes and confined therein. The Council ordered us to be released, but said we would have to cancel our contract to help the Souls on Earth to evolve. (A.C.: How does Yahweh have this power?)

We didn’t want to leave, we found them very likable Beings, really Positively Polarized, and we wanted to stay and help, we just wanted also to be free to come and go as we pleased. The only way we could stay, was to stay confined as a Group Soul, which meant Cycles of incarnation for us (as individuated Souls), which we had not done for a long while. As I’ve stated before, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ seen from a Higher Density, but there are still consequences for every action. Such is the law of Karmic effect. The contract had already been made between Yahweh, us, and the Council for us to provide the Catalyst so we had a right to be there, the Karmic effect of Yahweh imprisoning us on the Macrocosmic level, was that his individuated Souls would be imprisoned on the microcosmic level. The Infinite Creator gave Yahweh (and all) the gift of Free Will to Create as we choose, but the Karmic effect of his choice was the Council quarantining the planet. A certain evolutionary level is required to be a functioning part of a Positive Unified Galactic Society.


This kind of portrayal of Yahweh, who Ra touts as a positive group in the Confederation, seems to me to be somewhat distorted.  First, Yahweh, as mentioned above, throws temper tantrums like an immature child.  This does not seem possible to me for a Confederation group of high 5th density to mid 6th density development to act in this way.  Groups like that are beyond acting out their shadow sides.  Those kinds of things were worked out in the 3rd density and early fourth density, I would reckon.

Secondly, I do not understand how a positive group can “trap” and “imprison” another group like HH said Yahweh did to Lucifer.  This is especially the case if Yahweh was a 5th density group or early 6th density and Lucifer is a mid to late 6th density group.  Ra states that the Confederation, “… is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One,” 6.24. I do not think that it is possible for Confederation members who have chosen the positive path can trap and imprison each other.

Thirdly, both Ra and HH reveal that there have been negative entities (Orion/Draco) who have impersonated Yahweh and coopted the role.  How much of the imposter Yahweh is at play in HH’s understanding of Yahweh is a good question.  Could HH not see this?

Concluding Remarks

It is possible that Yahweh as a guardian of Maldek’s moon, Mars, acted with loving, positive intent when they transferred the souls from Mars to Earth.  The Yahweh group wanted to give the souls as clean a slate as possible as well as a head start in picking back up their collective 3rd density experience (which was cut mid-stream after they blew off their atmosphere).  Yahweh perhaps felt that they could help the Mars’ group “speed up the process”  of learning the wisdom of the Law of One by melding the two (very different) social memory complexes together.  This action, according to the viewpoint of the other guardians of the Confederation, increased the distortion of the Law of One for these Mars’ souls and was quite an infringement of their collective free will.  This was when the quarantine was instituted by the Council so as to give these souls no more outside influence.

Because of the transfer and the melding, the Yahweh group was very much karmically involved with these souls. It is unknowable (on this side of the veil) if Yahweh realized how karmically connected they would become when they performed the melding or whether it dawned on them later as to just how much their own progress would now be tied to the spiritual development of Yahweh’s “people.” Either way, it is evident from Ra that Yahweh had a vested interest in helping their “meldlings” develop in their knowledge of the Law of One and therefore made even more gestures of infringement via sexual genetic modification.   I personally believe that Yahweh’s “heart” was in the right place, just very naïve.  I think that the Yahweh group desired to create a people made in “their image and likeness” that would want to learn the Law of One and would want to take the message throughout the world as teachers and therefore were given larger, stronger bodies, and better brains.

Yahweh’s children had already had a relationship with their guardian before Earth when they were on Mars. Given that, and the melding of the two social memory complexes, there must have been a strong tenderness between Yahweh and Yahweh’s people.

I believe that Yahweh did grant free will to Earth humanity because positive Confederation members, especially those of the 5th and 6th density, respect free will as quite paramount.   I do not believe Yahweh went “rogue,” as it were, but showed themselves as determined and simply quite naïve, and thus were involved in “on the job training” in their own “classroom” of “God/Creators, 101”.  Nevertheless, what the Earth humans did lack, it seems to me, is catalyst.  They possessed free will but not the choice between positive and true negative.  This may have been when Lucifer was invited in by the Council of Saturn to play the cosmic “Denying Force” that we see revealed in the Law of Three.

The Pulling Up of Love

It is to be noted here that all of the higher density beings involved with Earth humanity have their own agendas, too.  Once they decided to serve us via teachings, channelings, genetic modifications, etc, they became tied to us in a way that their own advancement hinged a great deal in our advancement.  I think that this is actually HOW the cosmos of Love works, actually.  The higher density calls forth or authors life from the lower density.  In other words, the Infinite Creator eternally raises up Itself through the same Love that pulses in the Godhead.  Love unites and binds and begets the Infinite Creator through infinite forms.

A human (3rd density being) loves their cat or dog.  Their love, care, and attention individuates on a metaphysical level the 2nd density animal’s spirit from the animal’s group soul.  An example of this is found in the Law of One Material when the L/L Research’s cat, Gandalf, was referred to by Ra as a “mind/body/spirit complex harvestable to 3rd density.”  Ra said that this happened because the cat had bonded to and individuated from the animal group soul because of human care.  Likewise, densities above our own invest their love, care, and attention to us.  Their desire is to serve the Infinite Creator via loving and serving 3rd density humans and helping them progress towards less and less distorted gnosis of the Law of One just as they had been served by previous higher density teachers.  The cycle of teach/learning and learn/teaching never ends and I believe that this is exactly what the Council of Saturn, in its wisdom and love, knows.

HH, speaking for Lucifer, has much respect for the Council of Elders (of Saturn), “The Council of Elders are the absolute opposite of tyrannical. They are the Wise and Loving Guardians of our Galaxy. There is so much that one cannot understand from only a 3rd Density perspective. When you reach higher Densities, you see that ultimately, everything balances, and there is only Unity. All else than Unity, is Illusion, or ‘thought-form’.”

Same Time/Space Shared?

HH claims that after incarnational life, in the “life between lives,” everyone “has a good laugh” and “are the best of friends.”  Unless I am mistaken, according to the Law of One, this is an impossibility.

Ra seems to suggest that there is such a thing as positive time/space and negative time/space and that there is a natural barrier.


68.7 Questioner: Then you are saying that if this fifth-density negative entity is successful in its attempts to transfer the mind/body/spirit complex when that complex is in what we call the trance state to negatively polarized time/space, then the higher self has no choice but to allow incarnation in negatively polarized space/time? Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The Higher Self could allow the mind/body/spirit complex to remain in time/space. However, it is unlikely that the Higher Self would do so indefinitely due to its distortion towards the belief that the function of the mind/body/spirit complex is to experience and learn from other-selves thus experiencing the Creator. A highly polarized positive mind/body/spirit complex surrounded by negative portions of space/time* (corrected later as time/space) will experience only darkness, for like the magnet, there is no, shall we say, likeness. Thus a barrier is automatically formed.

69.14 Questioner: Then the positively polarized entity (I will make this statement and see if I am correct), when first moved into time/space of a negative polarization experiences nothing but darkness. Then, on incarnation into negative space/time by the higher self, it experiences a negative space/time environment with negatively polarized other-selves. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.


HH states that he/she is an evolving soul.  This means that he is something like a negative Wanderer and is upon the negative path in order to return to Lucifer’s full glory, a late 6th density being. Given this, I wonder if HH has been fully briefed by his upline about time/space realities.

It is possible that HH is wrong here and that there is no co-mingling of positive and negative souls in time/space until karma is fully balanced on both sides and return to mid to late 6th density occurs.

Luciferians Going to a Negative 4th Density Planet to Work Off Karma?

HH’s reality bubble holds that after the Harvest occurs (which is soon, he and other sources argue), the occulted power lines and those in the earthly lines that achieve negative harvestability (95% Service To Self, STS), will go to a negative 4th density planet to work off their karma “incurred from all the negativity created on this planet.”  Once they have retained karmic balance, they will be “released to once again assume our place as 6th density Guardians and Teachers of Wisdom throughout the Galaxy.”  HH insinuates that their existence on the negative planet will be unpleasant because of karmic restitution.

Moreover, HH is clear that he believes that the negative polarity path (STS) ends at the 4th density. In his own words, he states, “…there is no Negative Harvest beyond the 4th Density.”  This statement is not reflected in the Law of One Material.  HH’s assumption that they will do karmic re-balancing in their 4th density negative planet is also hard to match up with the Law of One.

Ra posits that the negative polarity continues right through to the early sixth density when entities experience such spiritual entropy that they must reverse polarity or be dissolved back into the one.  Carla, and the L/L group, who channeled the Ra Material were psychically attacked by a 5th density negative being for more than half of the sessions.  Ra states that 10% of all planets (social memory complexes) in our galaxy are of the negative polarity.


47.5 Questioner: Then at fourth-density graduation into fifth is there anything like the percentages you gave for third-density graduation into fourth for polarization?

Ra: I am Ra. There are, in your modes of thinking, responses we can make, which we shall make. However, the important point is that the graduations from density to density do occur. The positive/negative polarity is a thing which will, at the sixth level, simply become history. Therefore, we speak in an illusory time continuum when we discuss statistics of positive versus negative harvest into fifth. A large percentage of fourth-density negative entities continue the negative path from fourth- to fifth-density experience, for without wisdom the compassion and desire to aid other-self is not extremely well-informed. Thus though one loses approximately two percent moving from negative to positive during the fourth-density experience we find approximately eight percent of graduations into fifth density those of the negative.


What is interesting to me here is that out of the 10% negative planets, two percent of them go to the positive polarity at the end of their 4th density negative experience.  Eight percent continue on to the 5th density negative.  Therefore, it is possible that HH is referring to this cosmic phenomenon that their switch to the positive will happen after their karma is balanced in their negative planet. That they will be among the two percent that switch.

However, the question remains is that how can the Luciferians go to the negative planet, in the negative polarity pole of spiritual development, and NOT continue negative work?  The point of the negative path, as is true for the positive path, is to work towards union with the Infinite Creator.  The negatives choose to continue the negative working, it would seem.  Would not the Luciferians on their new negative 4th density planet continue their negative agenda and thereby increase (not decrease) their karmic imbalance?  I don’t know.  I suppose it is possible that since they KNOW that they must restore collective karmic balance, that they will choose the grinding condition of living upon a negative planet and try to move towards positivity within that hostile environment.  Maybe then they will choose, finally, after “swimming upstream” for a Cycle, to flip into the positive polarity and regain their former 6th density status. In order to do this incredibly difficult feat may also require an immense amount of use of wisdom.  Perhaps they work their 4th and 5th density simultaneously. Who knows.

Who is Orion, then?

The Ra Material defines the Orion Empire this way:


7.14Questioner: I’ll just ask about Orion. You mentioned Orion as a source of some of the contacts of UFOs. Can you tell me something of that contact, its purpose?

Ra: I am Ra. Consider, if you will, a simple example of intentions which are bad/good. This example is Adolf. This is your vibratory sound complex. The intention is to presumably unify by choosing the distortion complex called elite from a social memory complex and then enslaving, by various effects, those who are seen as the distortion of not-elite. There is then the concept of taking the social memory complex thus weeded and adding it to a distortion thought of by the so-called Orion group as an empire. The problem facing them is that they face a great deal of random energy released by the concept of separation. This causes them to be vulnerable as the distortions amongst their own members are not harmonized.

7.15Questioner: What is the density of the Orion group?

Ra: I am Ra. Like the Confederation, the densities of the mass consciousnesses which comprise that group are varied. There are a very few third density, a larger number of fourth density, a similarly large number of fifth density, and very few sixth-density entities comprising this organization. Their numbers are perhaps one-tenth ours at any point in the space/time continuum as the problem of spiritual entropy causes them to experience constant disintegration of their social memory complexes. Their power is the same as ours. The Law of One blinks neither at the light or the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self. However, service to others results in service to self, thus preserving and further harmonizing the distortions of those entities seeking intelligent infinity through these disciplines.

Those seeking intelligent infinity through the use of service to self create the same amount of power but, as we said, have constant difficulty because of the concept of separation which is implicit in the manifestations of the service to self which involve power over others. This weakens and eventually disintegrates the energy collected by such mind/body/spirit complexes who call the Orion group and the social memory complexes which comprise the Orion group.

It should be noted, carefully pondered, and accepted, that the Law of One is available to any social memory complex which has decided to strive together for any seeking of purpose, be it service to others or service to self. The laws, which are the primal distortions of the Law of One, then are placed into operation and the illusion of space/time is used as a medium for the development of the results of those choices freely made. Thus all entities learn, no matter what they seek. All learn the same, some rapidly, some slowly.


David Wilcock and others believe that the Dracos, or reptilians, are a part of the overall Orion Empire. For this reason, I have referred to the negative polarity Orion group as “Orion/Draco.”  In reading the HH material, I became aware that perhaps there were three major groups that were intertwined as negative influences in our sector of the galaxy.  These groups are the Luciferians, who come from the Lucifer Group Soul. HH is included in this group. Next we have the Orion/Draco Empire who following the Luciferian agenda and actually do a lot of the negative work for Lucifer upon Earth.  They, along with the Earthly lines of the Illuminati could be seen as “minions” of the Luciferian occulted power lines. Thirdly, and more mysterious, is the AI that Corey Goode made public. The AI is ancient, has intelligence, and has destroyed other galaxies, apparently. How these three, interact, I am not sure right now.

Here was what HH has to say about Orion/Draco:


The Orion Empire are 4th Density Negative. They are “lost” in the sense that they have drifted so far from their true nature, that despite many attempts, we have been unable to reach them, and help them to develop. They exist within their Group Soul Complex, mostly as a group of discarnate entities, within the Astral Planes of the planets they visit. They have no intention of ‘returning Home’, and instead seek to feed off of Negative Energy, to keep themselves going, as they are disconnected from their inherent natural Life-Force, by refusing to abide by the Infinite Creator’s Incarnational Principles.

The time we spend between lives in time/space, is intended to restore our Soul Energy from within, in order to continue our upward progression. They are essentially ‘imprisoned’ within the 4th Density Negative cycle, as there is no Negative Harvest beyond the 4th Density.

So they spend their time traveling the Galaxy, basically ‘using the dark side of the Force’ (Negativity) to achieve their means. They will eventually be brought back before the One Infinite Creator, and dissolved back into the Intelligent infinity (Source of All), though they are being given every chance for as long as possible, to learn the error of their ways, and return to seeking the Positive, and to begin their journey back Home. They main trouble is, they do not want to go Home. They see themselves as being ‘gods’, and do not intend to submit to the authority of The One.

We are most certainly NOT Reptilian, and there is nothing remotely reptilian about the True Power Bloodlines. The only ‘Reptilian’ influences that are in anyway remotely involved with this planet at this time, are those of the Zeta Reticuli and Alpha Draconis systems.


We can see here that the Orion/Draco picture that HH portrays has some correspondence to what Corey Goode has said about what the Secret Space Program knows about the negatives.  They seek immortality via technological means and other hackings of the system in order to maintain their separated existence.

The timeline that Ra gives us seems harder and harder to understand in light of recent disclosures of past Earth history via Corey Goode. However, if one were to follow Ra’s timeline, then we are told that Orion was unable to make strong inroads into Earth humanity until 3600 years ago and in fact, did not try to influence humanity for eons until there was fertile soil with the advent of religious wars.  Yet we also see in the Ra Material that there was an increasing of bellicosity between people and tribes beginning in the second major cycle, and this became very strong in the mid part of the third major cycle with Atlantis’ war.  Ra speaks about the increasing negativity:


22.5 Questioner: Then can you give me a— Can I assume then that this drastic drop from 700-year life span to one— less than one hundred years in length during this second 25,000-year period was because of an intensification of a… of a condition of lack of service to others? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is in part correct. By the end of the second cycle, the Law of Responsibility had begun to be effectuated by the increasing ability of entities to grasp those lessons which there are to be learned in this density. Thus, entities had discovered many ways to indicate a bellicose nature, not only as tribes or what you call nations but in personal relationships, each with the other, the concept of barter having given way in many cases to the concept of money; also, the concept of ownership having won ascendancy over the concept of non-ownership on an individual or group basis.

Each entity then was offered many more subtle ways of demonstrating either service towards others or service to self with the distortion of the manipulation of others. As each lesson was understood, those lessons of sharing, of giving, of receiving in free gratitude— each lesson could be rejected in practice.

Without demonstrating the fruits of such learn/teaching the life span became greatly reduced, for the ways of honor/duty were not being accepted

23.15 Questioner: I was really questioning more about the more basic cause of the disease rather than the mechanism of its transmission. I was going back to the root or thought which created the possibility of this disease. Could you shortly tell me if I am correct in assuming that the general reduction of thought over the long time on planet Earth with respect to an understanding of the Law of One created a condition in which this— what we call disease could develop? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct and perceptive. You, as questioner, begin now to penetrate the outer teachings.

The root cause in this particular society was not so much a bellicose action although there were, shall we say, tendencies, but rather the formation of a money system and a very active trading and development of those tendencies towards greed and power; thus, the enslaving of entities by other entities and the misapprehension of the Creator within each entity


If Orion/Draco didn’t make inroads until much later, where did this negativity come from? Where did the idea of the money system, greed and power over others originate?  It is possible, now, to imagine that it was introduced and carefully cultivated from the Luciferians as part of their service in giving Earth humanity catalyst to learn, spiritual develop, and choose to follow STS or STO.

It is my thought that all the negatives follow a Luciferian agenda but only the occulted power lines (from Venus) are of the Luciferian Group Soul.  HH has this to say:


The Earth lines are not aware of the entire picture. They themselves are not of our Lucifer Group Soul, and as far as they are aware, they are out to ‘rule the world’, to Control and Enslave, and create as much Suffering and Negativity as is humanly possible. That’s what they ‘get out of the deal’. World Domination. You’d have to say with that in mind, they’re doing a great job. But one of the things they don’t know or understand, is that our (Venusian Power Lines) agenda, is ultimately for the Highest Good of all concerned, in providing you with the Catalyst. If they were aware of this Truth, there is a slight risk that they would not have done their jobs properly, and they would miss out on joining us in our 95% Negative Harvest. They are aware of the Harvest, and the need for them to attain the 95%, to get out of 3rd Density, and that is all the motivation they need to help us achieve our ultimate aims.


Who are the “Earth lines” in power, then?  I think that they are Earth humans who have chosen the negative path AND HH may have given us another clue about who some of them are.  In case you missed it earlier, HH said this, “We are most certainly NOT Reptilian, and there is nothing remotely reptilian about the True Power Bloodlines.”

Note here that he was defending the fact that the true power bloodlines, what I have been calling the occulted blood lines, are not reptilian.  Yet, in the context of this statement, he was answering the question about whether or not the reptilians are in the ones calling the shots, the members of the Illuminati power bloodlines.  HH seems to delineate between those of the “True Power” and those of Earthly lines, who are a part of the Family, but do not possess the macro picture or hold the full power.  Instead of saying something like, “There are no reptilians in the Family anywhere…,” he said that there are no reptilians in the True Power Bloodlines.  To my mind, this leaves room for the Earthly power lines to contain what has been believed in the Truther community that they are connected to the reptilians via genetics or bloodlines in some way.

Entwinement and the Mixed Harvest Planet

I approach the end this essay with a provocative thought: The Mixed Harvest Planet such as Earth is one of Infinite Creator’s most sublime creations!  The wheat and weeds are so entwined together that the opportunities to spiritually progress by learning love and wisdom through discernment and intention are so intense that one could bypass millions if not billions of years in just a few lifetimes! That is, for those with the eyes and ears to discern well.  That’s the trick.  How do we see a clear message when almost all of the messages we receive from on high seem so convoluted.

Do get me wrong, at the relative levels, Earth’s mix harvest environment produces heartache, frustration, and much pain for many, many people.  At the relative levels, the Illuminati are horrible and evil and should be resisted.  And at the same time, from a unitive perspective, the intensity of the experience of the Infinite Creator knowing Itself is second to none. Perhaps this is why the Grand Experiment has been going on for eons, as Corey Goode has stated. Humans from all of the Galaxy and beyond have horses in this race because they know that what is going on here on a spiritual level is a precious opportunity.

The key to engaging in the opportunity of Earth’s 3rd density is to awaken.  There are many levels of awakening.  Few will more fully awaken their 6th chakras, for this is work of the adepts. At this level, the adept is a Lucid Gamer in this Game of the Infinite Creator.  Love (heart chakra) is the adept’s “foundation” on which higher work is intentionally done by an individuated spark of the Infinite Creator in the “Relative Worlds.”

However, what is needed for the Harvest to the 4th density positive Earth is 51% awakening of the heart chakra, the 4th energetic center.  This is no easy task, believe it or not, and it takes many lifetimes to get there for most people.  For purposes of this essay, however, I will reiterate this: that humans are polarizing at all and reaching the harvestable levels may be the fruit of the  Holy Denying Force, the work of Lucifer.  This is true from a very high viewpoint because “closer to the ground,” as it were, Luciferians and the rest of the negatives enslave, rape, manipulate, prostitute, sexually abuse, and destroy lives. In HH’s ows words, they offer the world the evils of “violence, war, hatred, greed, control, enslavement, genocide, torture, moral degradation, drugs, and [many other] things besides.”

As sickening as the negative path is at the more relative levels, a wisdom perspective holds that suffering is what leads to the calling of the Confederation of Planets and social memory complexes like Ra to help.  These higher density beings ARE the Infinite Creator reaching out their collective hand to pull the Infinite Creator up and out into higher levels of gnosis.  The winner of the whole Game, as mentioned before, is the Infinite Creator…since there is only One of Us here.

How Do We Play the Game?

The bottom line is that we must learn how to listen to our inner authority and find the Kingdom of God within.  Probably the best foundation from which to start playing the Game is to follow the words of Jesus (10:27), (1) “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and, (2) Love your neighbor as yourself.” Nevertheless, what has been helpful to me, I gladly pass on:

First, become aware and accept the fact that all religions (and I say this as a happily practicing Catholic) and all sacred texts to a greater to lesser extent contain both negative and positive “entwinements.” Both the negative and positive “sides” at the 3rd and 4th density levels do not well appreciate the gestalt of both polarities “mixed together.”  Their purity of their polarities keeps them from seeing from a higher, more non-dual viewpoint where everything belongs, everything can act as catalysts for everything else in a continual spiral of upward, transcendent growth. The fruit of learning how to discern the positive wheat from the negative weeds develops wisdom, love, and appreciation of the Game.

Second, we learn how to continually allow our own reality bubbles to break open by 1) listening to our suffering; and 2) practicing some sort of contemplation or mediation. You would be hard to find a better person to clarify these two bubble breakers than Richard Rohr.  The following is his daily meditation for May, 24, 2016.  This can be found here.  For those interested in learning more about Franciscan Richard Rohr, please click here.


I think there are basically two paths of spiritual transformation: prayer and suffering. The path of prayer is taken by those rare people who consciously and slowly let go of their ego boundaries, their righteousness, their specialness, their sense of being important. In the journey of prayer, as you sink into the mystery of God’s perfect love, you realize that you’re nothing in the presence of God’s goodness and greatness, and that God is working through you in spite of you. For many people, it is deep love which first allows them to pray. Authentic prayer is always a journey into love. 

The path of suffering is the quicker path to transformation, but as I shared in yesterday’s meditation, men are hard-wired to block suffering. The male psyche is, by nature, defended; we have a difficult time allowing events, circumstances, or people to touch or hurt us. Such blocking may have allowed us to survive–if you want to call it survival–the endless wars of history. But it has also restricted the male capacity to change. Most men don’t change until we have to. Until economic disasters, moral or relationship failure, loss of job or health are forced upon us, our tendency is to project the incoming negative judgment somewhere else. We don’t do shadow work well, because struggling with our dark side is humiliating, and we’ve been trained to compete and to win. When winning is the only goal, we can’t admit to anything that looks like failure, or even allow basic vulnerability. We have to project weakness and failure onto others, making them the losers. Such dualistic thinking and resistance to change only guarantees more war and conflict.


Relationships, experiences, and mirroring change you much more than ideas. You cannot really do something until you have seen someone else do it. You do not know what patience is until you have met one truly patient person. You do not know what love is until you have observed how a loving person loves. We hold great power for one another–for good and for ill. Thus, rites of passage were communal, led by elders, father figures, and spiritual teachers, who could mirror the initiate instead of needing to be mirrored themselves.


Spiritual masters are not interested in social niceties or logical buildups, but in deep resonance. They say, as it were, “Deal with it. Be scandalized and shocked. Face your resistances and your egocentricity and let a greater truth unsettle you.” They lead their students into a space of transformation, but they don’t always lead them back immediately. They leave you alone, deliberately askew, without your usual mental protections–until you long for guidance and hopefully recognize that: 1) you are somehow the problem, 2) the answer is within you, and 3) you need help from a higher power.


It takes a wise master to teach you that you are not that important; otherwise, painful life situations have to dismantle you brick by brick, decade by decade. I suspect that the basic reason initiation died out is because there were not enough spiritual masters around. We had to settle for institutionalized priests and ministers, many of whom bore roles of outer authority without being people of any real inner authority. In other words, they were never initiated themselves.


Typically it is the prophets who deconstruct the ego and the group, while priests and pastors are supposed to reconstruct them into divine union. True masters, like Jeremiah and Jesus, are both prophets and pastors. As Yahweh said in the inaugural vision to Jeremiah, “Your job is to take apart and demolish, and then start over building and planting anew” (see Jeremiah 1:10). The only reason masters can tell you that you are not that important is because they are also prepared to affirm your infinite and unearned importance. The prophetic charism has been out of vogue for many centuries now in Western religion, thus the ego is out of control.


Every master’s lesson, every parable or spiritual riddle, every confounding question is intended to bring up the limitations of our own wisdom, our own power, our own tiny self. Compare that, if you will, to the Western educational approach of parroting answers, passing tests, and getting grades, which make us think we do know what is important and, therefore, we are important. Information is seen as power, as opposed to the beginner’s mind, which wisdom deems absolutely necessary for enlightenment. Jesus called it “receiving the kingdom like a little child” (see Luke 18:17). To submit to being taught means accepting the wonder and largeness of truth and our own smallness in relationship to it. Eventually we must learn to hold the paradox of our finite self held within the eternal and infinite Love.


Sacred cultures could tell individuals they were not that important because they knew they were inherently and intrinsically very important. Secular cultures like ours keep telling individuals how special and wonderful they are–and they still don’t believe it–and thus have to run faster and faster! Do you see why we need some form of initiation now more than ever? We are an uninitiated society, except for those who love deeply, pray deeply, or suffer deeply.


Third, learn to listen to your dreams.  Before going to sleep each night, surround yourself with white light and ask for protection from any negative entities desiring to attach to your mind, body, or spirit.  Then affirm your desire to remember your dreams, especially any dream that will be helpful in your spiritual journey.  Get ready, because you will be given what you ask for.  I suggest keeping a dream journal to track messages.  There are some good online resources to help understand archetypal images in dreams.  I also suggest a book called “Adventures in Soul Making,” by Troy Caldwell who is a spiritual director and psychiatrist who has written a very good guide on understanding soul growth and the importance of dreams.

These are three suggestions that have been helpful for me in becoming a Lucid Gamer.  I hold you, dear reader, in my heart and let us bless each other as we learn greater discernment in wisdom and love for the greater glory of the Infinite Creator.


The HH Material and the Ra Material have provided me with much broader understanding of the cosmic realities at play.  I conclude this long essay with an image that I share with you.  I often receive visions that sometimes appear in my inner eyesight like still photos.  When I was contemplating the mutual catalytic relationship between the positive and negative paths of spiritual development, I saw an image.

It was of two spiraling parallel lines like two DNA strands.  One of the strands was of a flowing golden color.  It was beautiful to behold and was whole.  The golden flow acted like almost like a fluid that was at once both strong and flowing. The second strand was exactly the same size, shape, and complemented the golden strand perfectly.  This strand consisted of a small pieces like an extremely compacted mosaic.  The color was also golden but not flowing. Rather, each tightly packed part within it vibrated because each was a separated branch trying to be, in its own separate way, its own tree.  Yet each part was held together in just such and such a place by a kind of divine tetris where all pieces fit perfectly.  Wisdom of Lucifer kept the shape of the complimentary strand under sometimes crushing circumstances because the Wisdom of Lucifer understood what most of the negatives do not know, they fight to be on top so that they can eventually be overturned!

It is my contention that Lucifer, as a cosmic servant of the Infinite Creator, imparted the Hero’s Journey narrative as the great contribution to Earth humanity.  The story is outlined and Lucifer plays the part of the dragon that is slain by the hero.  Their demise was known from the beginning and planned out that way by themselves as a cosmic service.

The irony may very well be that humanity’s true inaugural act to 4th density vibration may be dependent on how wisely they act towards their torturers.  Will negativity be brought to bear upon negativity?  If so, more 3rd density work will be required.  A true melding of love and wisdom, of heart and head, will be necessary for appropriate judgment to take place.  It is also a possibility that much of future work for humanity in the 4th and 5th densities may be to actually help (believe it or not) the Luciferians deal with their negative 4th density existence through forgiveness and guidance.  They will have no real well informed models for opening of the heart chakra and humanity’s work may be to extend a hand to  them like Jesus did with Peter when he pulled him out of the water after Jesus’ Resurrection.   Is this a hard teaching?  Not for those with the eyes to see and the heart to desire the great Balance of Love and Wisdom.

Yes, we will all be Surprised by Wholeness: Luciferians offers us Wisdom so that we can offer them Love.  Together we join as the cosmic DNA strand of the Infinite Creator back to Source.



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