Month: October 2015

Remembering that this is (just) 4th Density Stuff

I have been thinking about this for a while.  How do we navigate the disclosures that are happening in a more non-dual, transcendent manner? For me, these disclosures are threefold: the info that Corey Goode is giving out via his blog, Facebook, and Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaiam Tv; the soft disclosures that are happening … Continue reading Remembering that this is (just) 4th Density Stuff


Second Chakra Blockage and Sexuality in the Media

I am in favor of sexual health.  For some this means learning more about their sexuality and sluffing off a more prudish attitude. For others it may mean looking deeper within and learning how to say "no" to every temptation.  I do believe that negatives have infiltrated the sexual revolution that started in the 60s … Continue reading Second Chakra Blockage and Sexuality in the Media

Experience of Centering Prayer

The following is how I often experience Centering Prayer.  For me, CP is the most effective meditation technique for delving into the very being of the Creator.  I'm not good at it, if one can even become good at such a thing, and I've only been doing CP for 2 years now. I sit upright … Continue reading Experience of Centering Prayer


Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation

Sacred Wounds Only the wounded physician heals. --C. G. Jung [1] When life is hard, we are primed to learn something absolutely central. I call it God's special hiding place. The huge surprise of the Christian revelation is that the place of the wound is the place of the greatest gift. Our code phrase for this … Continue reading Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation