Month: August 2015

From Richard Rohr’s Daily Reading

Our Living School faculty member James Finley was blessed to have Thomas Merton as his teacher and spiritual director from 1961 to 1967. Jim summarizes what he learned from Merton: "I looked on Thomas Merton as the living embodiment of the mystical, contemplative heritage of my own Christian tradition. . . . This ancient tradition … Continue reading From Richard Rohr’s Daily Reading


One Life, Many Cycles: Reflections on Reincarnation

As a Catholic, we are taught the doctrine of Purgatory. It is a "place" where the soul is "purged" of it sinfulness (refined in the fires of love) so that it can withstand the pure light and love of God.  There are some references to it in the Bible and when I saw myself as … Continue reading One Life, Many Cycles: Reflections on Reincarnation