Home Planet, Part 3: A Wanderer Begins His Mission

This occurred on my very long run on Saturday, 7-11-15. I ran for 13 miles. I wasn’t planning on such a long run, but I was completely engrossed in the trance and story that was unfolding.  It was the story of my past lives.  Answers to questions.

Before running, I did my 23 minute Centering Prayer and Gospel reading. I read the daily readings from the Catholic Church’s breviary.  On Saturday,  the Gospel reading taken from the tenth chapter of Mathew had a few verses that resonated with me. Each morning, when I read the Gospel, I find a line or two that speaks to me and I copy it on my phone and then paste it in my calendar of the day so I am reminded of it all day and can focus on it as it seeps into my subconscious.  On Saturday, this is what spoke to me: “Therefore do not be afraid of them. Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known. What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light; what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops. And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul…”

These lines seemed appropriate with the Disclosure things going on at present (SpherebeingAlliance.com).  I think that soon, the world will be in a different place with what will be disclosed.  Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed.  This is also true of an individual person as each has his or her own shadow sides that cannot be ignored forever.

As I went running, however, these words of the Gospel began to seep down and I thought that my own history will be revealed today should I desire this.  This is the third installment of my learning about my past beginning as a Wanderer.  I feel like this will also be my last because I think that I have enough now to satisfy and clarify.  My opinion is that learning about past lives isn’t really all that important because I feel that all can be healed and any karma repaid in this life if we have the eyes to see it.  The healing will come through forgiveness and grace.  Still, I also believe that when a person is ready (emotionally and spiritually) they can go within and discover their personal history.  The sign of maturity is that knowledge of the past will not affect the present because one is so grounded in the present.  It can clarify and confirm but one does not stagnate in the past life histories.  If one’s potential for stagnation is there, I don’t think that the Higher Self would allow for penetration.  I am/was ready, I do believe.  Again, here is my caveat which I write for myself (outloud, as it were). I do not know if this is really true or not.  I suspend my belief or disbelief and let what comes up to my conscious mind to have freedom for self-expression.  On the other hand, I state here that I was indeed surprised by some things in the trance and at the same time the info rang bells that totally made sense on emotional and cognitive levels.  I also would receive outward signs that I took as confirmations.  Even though I admit that all signs and bells ringing and visions etc are all subjective.

I began my trance state at around mile 4, I did my usual pre-trance exorcising of negative entities.  I then stood in front of the Temple of the Heart and went inside.  I bathed myself in the energy of Gabriel, Michael, and Rafael and created the appropriate protective pentagrams for each.  I noticed that the room was empty except for me and a vague vision of a larger indigo sphere or orb.  I decided to bless the world from my Temple so I stood by the font of light and concentrated on creating a hawk of golden light.  As I made the hawk, enlivened it with the energies of truth, wisdom, protection, and love.  These qualities made up the hawk and its color was gold.  I then stated to it, “I am your creator and I send you throughout the world to split up in equal power into 100 billion hawks to bring your essence to the world. Go!” And with that I released it.

I then decided that I wanted to learn more about myself, my past histories, beginning with when I chose to come to Earth as a Wanderer from my home density/planet.  It took a while to let the focus settle in and for a long time, nothing came.  Then I saw the great golden underground city as described in my last post.  In the middle of the city was a huge sphere of golden light.  This was the essence of the people; it was the energetic expression and condensation of the social memory complex of the people as well as the oneness known and experience with the Creator.  There were a group of elders or of some committee that were together and we were communicating about the call of pain from Earth.  It was as if we all touched this Sphere of golden light and could be drawn into the call.  The call was one of suffering and confusion from their end mixed with an overwhelming desire to quench the suffering and confusion on our end.  It was like one long continuum that extended from them to us and our desire to bring relief or answer the call was in perfect proportion to the call of suffering from them.  I did not remember any goodbyes or anything.  Note:  At this point in my running, just as I had this vision, I felt a psychic nudge to look down. I looked down and saw a sign that said, “mission.”  I took this to be a confirmation.

I left my physical body and my spirit body entered the Sphere.  The next thing I remember was being in space and seeing off in the distance, straight ahead, a tiny marble of a planet, Earth.  Between me and Earth, I saw on the left and right massive, huge undulating waves of light that acted like they were waving me towards Earth.  They seemed almost like vertical Jellyfish as they pulsed and waved and fanned energies towards the Earth. They were purple in color and were almost like waving flags in the breeze.  I knew that they were very, very advanced beings, 8th density or higher, much higher, perhaps; they were guiding the process. They would be in charge.  They controlled the flow of energy towards Earth, it seemed.  This was an intuitive knowing.  I then entered into the upper planes of the earth (astral) and experience a kaleidoscope of colors: blues, reds, gold, platinum, yellows, greens.  The energy of this new lens was young, fresh, exciting, new, like a motley of emotions and colors.  I had to adjust to the joyful and energetic chaos.  I felt like there were beings around me that were of Earth and would help me incarnate and go through the process.  I hovered high above a place of stark green beauty that I would now say was Ireland, on the west coast.  I closed in and entered a womb.

Next, in the late 18th century, I am born and I stare into the eyes of my mother. She named me Padraig. This is my first surprise. Her eyes, looks, and essence seemed to resemble a lot like my first girlfriend who I had as a senior in high school.  Kate [not her real name] was my first sexual experience.  It seemed to make sense to me that the same person who gave birth to me in my first life as a human might give “birth” to me in a new chapter as an adult(ish) in this life, what seems to be my last life here on Earth.  I do know that with Kate, I always felt that I was meeting someone I already knew, very well.  Hmmm….

I was a strange child, very smart, mature, and had some powers, but I don’t know what they were.  I got some glimpses here and there of growing up and I entered into the priesthood.  A life of mission was the only thing that appealed to me and I had a very close relationship with Jesus Christ.  I don’t know if I joined a religious order or chose the diocesan route.  I do know that I was in mission territory and had many communities for which I was responsible.  I traveled a lot.  Note: as I thought this, I remember a specific memory of my time (in the present life) as a lay missionary in Nicarauga with the Capuchins. We were in a small missionary chapel called St. Patrick’s dedicated to that saint.  I remember feeling a certain resonance and familiarity in the chapel that I couldn’t explain then.  I felt that I was given that memory in this lifetime to help connect the memory of my first Earthly lifetime. I remember being of a cheerful sort and loved working with my fellow missionary priests, particularly with one guy who [surprise] was my best friend in this life, Fredrick. He and I were missionary priests together and he was at my deathbed.  I don’t remember how I died but I was more of a loner, like a hermit in my later years.  I don’t know if I had become estranged from the Church or died in good standing.  I also don’t know how I died.  But I feel that somehow I started to rediscover esoteric teachings and mysteries that always gnawed at me because of my powers that I had suppressed as a child.  In my later years, I had met a man that would change my life. He was a shaman of some sort.  My inclination is to say that he was a Celtic magic man who either never embraced Christianity and was a priest of some native religion or that he was a former Catholic priest who had been thrown out of the Church, excommunicated for his embracing of magic and other forbidden knowledge.  In any case, he was a figure that I was initially repulsed by but equally intrigued because he was teaching something that resonated deeply to me. I feared this because I also feared the Church’s punishment should I move in this direction.  I eventually became a student of his and learned some things but had to keep them hidden from the Church.  This shaman is A.C. of this lifetime.  He was put to death or poisoned or something tragic.  Another alternative was that I was sent to America to be a missionary and came across this shaman as a Native American.  I do not know.

After my death as Fr. Padraig, I reviewed my life with my spirit guides.  I don’t remember much about the review but I remember desiring to live life as a woman and I wanted to experience the plight of the oppressed.  I knew from past trances and dreams (mentioned in previous posts) that my name was Ana Maria Quiñonez and I was hunted down and assassinated by gunshot.  I wasn’t getting any vision.  Note: just then, I felt a psychic nudge to look up and see the sign that said, “Cemetery Hill.”  As I read this, I again found myself hovering high above the earth and saw a hill with a small cemetery at its base.  There was a small community there with a Franciscan chapel. I was born somewhere in Spain.  I didn’t notice anything about my mother (I received no surprises).  I was an aggressive, independent girl and did not like society’s rules about women.  I had a keen nose for justice and would fight for what was right.  I didn’t like “no.”  My sister was my mother in this life.  She was sweeter than me and timid.  We loved each other, confided in each other, and fought a lot.  I didn’t dwell on her in this trance.  The Franciscans had a mission at our village.  There was a priest there who was charismatic and authentic, and loved the poor.  He was a great man.  I fell in love with him and we had a secret affair.  I got pregnant. He was kicked out of the order and the priesthood. I had a son, he was my own father in this life.  My lover and I joined the resistance group against some government or powers that be (perhaps this was in the time of the Spanish Revolution? I don’t know). He was killed by them and I took up the cause.  My son died somehow early in his life.  I also was killed as a young woman by the same people that killed my Franciscan lover.  He was my wife now. The man who killed me was my father-in-law.  These were all great surprises to me. I also say that my wife and her father were both somehow intertwined as adepts in Egypt many thousands of years before.  I didn’t follow any thread of memory there because I didn’t care to know. Note: my wife now lived worked with the Franciscans for 4 years during undergrad and one full year as a volunteer.  Her father was a Capuchin Franciscan for 8 years but left the Order before final vows and got married.

As for my children, they are my last Earthly children.  I had one child before as Ana Maria (my current dad). My oldest and youngest children may be 4th density Wanderers who will make Earth their home planet after Ascension.  They are here to bring up the vibrations and see it through. My middle child may be a much older soul.

Throughout my running, I would look down and see “34” or “314” in many different places just as I was thinking certain thoughts.  I would see a vision, wonder if it was true, look up and see a 34 or 314 or 222 or 333.  Very strange, but I took them as confirmations to continue the trance and not dwell on the veracity of the visions.  These numbers would appear after each revelation of the past lives of the people in my life now.

In any case, whether true or not, I am glad to be finished with my three visions of my past lives.  I am grateful for the opportunity to know them.  I am now ready to fully take on the present.


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