Home Planet, Part 2: A Wanderer’s Origins

I ran around the track on Friday morning and logged 9.5 miles. I was good and tranced when I decided to take a voyage to the Temple of the Heart. I did my usual clearing of negative entities before entering by praying in the name of Jesus to rid my mind/body/spirit complex of any negative attachments. I surrounded my body with white, metaphysical light. I then saw the Temple from the outside and checked for the cross-elemental (to make sure I’m at the right temple!). I entered on the left as usual and my body was glowing golden light. I descended and turned right. I washed myself in the light fountain and prayed for protection from Michael and Gabriel while forming the appropriate pentagrams and using their respective light energies. I then turned and saw Raw Mayar Eir and the blue orb. I said good morning and he looked at me with compassion and love. I did the gesture (not described in any of my posts) and co-created an orb of white-bluish light. He gave it to me as a gift and I allowed it to enter my light-body in the heart area. I felt an energizing effect. I then wanted to return the favor and we did the gesture again and co-created another sphere that was rose-colored. But instead of being able to give it to him, I became fixated on the sphere. He then asked me what I wanted. I stated two things: I wanted to know how best I could love, bless, and serve. I also wanted to learn more about my home planet and continue with the meditations I had had before. I then found myself in space…

I saw myself as a golden being who was in front of a huge cosmic eye. Weirdly, I was the awareness that saw my light body from behind it. I knew that it was me in the light body, that is, I knew that that was my body but my actual awareness was located some distance behind my body, as if watching myself from a third person standpoint. As I tranced, I let my subconscious have full control and did not desire to interfere with any thoughts of disbelief, or thinking things were weird. I just went with the flow. I’m getting better at this. So… I saw my golden light body in front of the eye and then all of a sudden and completely unexpectedly my outside awareness flashed in my body and I became the golden light body and found myself bowing and then falling into what I knew was the mouth of God. I understood that I was the Eucharist (a consecrated wafer eaten in Mass) itself and was being eating by God in an act of Thanksgiving (this is what Eucharistein means in Greek). I then saw that my awareness spread throughout the Universe as I was “being dissolved” in the body of the God. God and I were “oneing” and by entering God this way I entered into the very essence, the “bloodstream” of God. I then found myself in front of the Earth in space. This view is not unusual for me as I often take this position and bless the Earth with love and light. But this time, I desired to eat the Earth in the sense that one wants to eat what one loves. It’s the same kind of instinct that parents have for their very young kids; that the kid is just so cute, you want to “eat” him or her. Similarly, the sentiment is present when two people fall in love and the sexual chemistry is so high that you just want to “eat” the other person. I don’t mean this as a sexual act so much as the desire to “enter” into the very beingness of the other; to merge completely. This was the kind of eating that I am trying to describe when I saw the Earth. Then I thought-heard this, “To bless is to eat.” This was the end of this vision and I did not get anything more with it. It was a trip and a bit cryptic. I allowed by mind to create a “distance” and then started in visioning the second question: to pick up from my last trance regarding my home planet.

I found myself in the Temple again and stated to Raw Mayar Eir my desire to return back to the home planet and learn more. He pointed to my left. I need to include here what some other parts of the Temple look like. I’ve not stated them before. In the opposite direction of the entrance stairs of the Temple, against what would be the far wall, is gray and green vegetation growing on rocks that surround a large and noisy waterfall. I sometimes sit in front of the waterfall and just listen to the water falling and zone out. To the left of the waterfall is a tunnel that functions as the back door of the Temple. The Temple itself is located on the edge of a cliff and the tunnel actually descends into the mountain and exists in the valley below. When R.M.E pointed to my left (via his outstretched right arm), I saw the white being that I saw from my last vision. I understood that this was me. This was my former body on that planet. As soon as I saw him, his heart area glowed with red and blue and gold and he excitedly began to enter the tunnel, beckoning that I follow. I did and the next thing that I know I emerged (the white being disappeared) from the mountain into a beautiful valley with lush vegetation. My awareness lifted and I gained a birds’ eye view of the valley. Off in the horizon there stood a city of crystals, clear and shining high in the air like skyscrapers. As I approached the city of crystals buildings, from a distance I saw that the entire city was built in a circle on the ground. Nothing else existed in the way of civilization for miles around; all was mountains, valleys and lush greens. I closed in on the city and saw immediately that I was mistaken. The crystals were not buildings at all but huge (!!) and tall (!!) crystals that harnessed the energy of the suns and brought it underground! As my awareness floated on top of the enormous crystals, I could see below into the ground and what I saw there took my breath away. An entire civilization lived underground, the whole place was bustling and alive and golden in light. I entered through the “glass” ceiling and found dwellings and coves of all sorts and sizes and shapes along the walls. In the air were flying glass-like ships that held beings, the white beings that I had seen before. I wondered if the beings were white because they had evolved in large part underground and lost the need for coloring. Also that they glowed soft white light energy and that their emotions were lights emitting from their heart area may make sense in such a society. Maybe on this planet there were some sort of catlike animal living largely an under the surface existence in 2D and this is what evolved into 3D. There was a golden hue all around and in the center of the whole massive complex was a golden sphere that collected the energy from the crystals above.

Two other things came to me that both surprised me and now gives me pause to think about. First, I thought-asked with my awareness, “What are you people called?” What word kept coming to me was something like, “Rumin…” something. Then in clear loud English, as if to translate, I thought-heard, “We are the Dwellers, we are those who dwell. We dwell!” Then I thought of the word, “ruminate.” I then thought about two things: 1) “Dwellers” has a double meaning in that these people dwell in the ground and they may be a monastic kind of society that dwells on things, ruminating as a condition of being, if you will. 2) Maybe this is an elaborate display of my subconscious after all and not about cosmic reality.   I asked my white being guide to appear and tell me if this is my subconscious. Flash! I was taken into a room where the white being was and he looked at me and pointed to his heart and I thought-heard, “Yes, this is inside you.” And then he pointed with his outstretched left hand up to the sky and thought-said, “And out there.” I followed his pointing and saw the stars, one in particular in a group of three stars. I don’t know anything about astronomy and I didn’t get a good look at the whole sky. But I did get the message that by going down deep into the deep mind, I am accessing cosmic truths about myself. Whether it is all totally symbolic or appears as things actually are, this still could be worked out in the future, perhaps.

The second piece of info that came to after this was that my Temple of the Heart is actually my own temple that I chose to create and dwell in during some part of my 5D existence. Ra states that after the 4D social memory complex forms and then 5D ensues, it is common that a being will choose to live alone while still being totally connected to the whole (via the social memory complex) and learn about wisdom. I then saw how my own Temple was fashioned after the Great City and could understand that the streaming light fountain in my Temple of the Heart was a small microcosm of the incredibly huge fountain that the City had. I then wondered if I was seeing a 3D society as I thought I was or a 6D society. I determined that I was seeing a 6D society that could inhabit bodies or not at will. I don’t know much more than this. I ended the trance, or rather the trance ended itself when I realized that I had hit a major wall while running and just plum ran out of energy. I popped in a gel and sat down for a few minutes. The trance and held me for some time.


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