Month: May 2015

Wanderers: A Reflection, part 2

In my opinion, the bottom line to any spiritual living is this: Love others in a way that reflects the truth that you and them are one; learn to forgive others and yourself; and live in gratitude for all that is given, both the negative and the positive, for both have purpose. Any ideas of esoteric … Continue reading Wanderers: A Reflection, part 2


Wanderer: A Reflection, part 1

As I have young children now, I have an inside view from where I can compare and contrast their interests with mine when I was 7.  I have always been very sensitive and empathic to others.  And I've always had interests that were not "normal." Growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the 80's and … Continue reading Wanderer: A Reflection, part 1

Interesting synchronicity with Sphere Beings

  I have been following some of the info regarding alleged Sphere Beings that have come into our solar system of late.  I don't desire to go into detail here about them but one can find all the info at: and David Wilcock's site: divine cosmos. This past Sunday, I asked my God (including … Continue reading Interesting synchronicity with Sphere Beings