Month: April 2015

Something New is Happening Here

The teachings and life of master teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, presented something new to the world, in the world, that had not been seen before: an entirely new way to become the "whole human" or enlightened.  Moreover, the path of enlightenment so well taught in the East corkscrews into something new whereby enlightenment is not just … Continue reading Something New is Happening Here


New Temples: the body

One of the strongest movements in my reflecting as been how some of the Christian doctrine, seen from another view, can correspond to some channeled messages.  I sit and mull and mull and sometimes insights percolate up. It's speculation, of course, but perhaps informed speculation.  The RA material (Law of One) talks about the making … Continue reading New Temples: the body

Everything is distilled to their essence in 3rd Density Earth

What is found on Earth, the good, the horrible, and all levels of consciousness in between are found in all of the universe.  For the Creator is all beings and all beings are the Creator, in smaller and smaller holographic manifestations.  The Uni-Logos, which is the Logos as the Universe, is alive and Its body … Continue reading Everything is distilled to their essence in 3rd Density Earth